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Hurrah! (Don't get excited, not a BFP)

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lessonsintightropes Thu 11-Jul-13 23:50:34

But DH has finally agreed to TTC - we have been together for five years, married this April. When we first got together he was dead set against a baby Tightropes (DH's Mum passed away when he was 4, has big issues about it) but over the last year we've been talking and he's now set for it - so much so he's prepared to be a SAHD if we manage it. It's a huge turnaround and I am so happy we can begin trying!

I'm expecting it to be difficult - I am 35 and DH is 36, both of us have drank and smoked for years... which we are now about to start quitting, and getting healthy. I've had a Mirena in for the last 7 years and our practice nurse tells me the hormonal element of birth control will have run out a couple of years ago so god willing there won't be any birth controls to rule out.

I know others here have been TTC for a long time - I am just hoping and looking forward to some support and cameraderie with MNers in the same position. Hoping all of you have a BFP v soon x

babyrose Fri 12-Jul-13 08:08:06

Aww congrats it's such a nice feeling when u are told u are going to TTC!

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