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TTC 10+ months part 16

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Buzzybee123 Thu 11-Jul-13 20:01:18

New thread for the lovely 10+ers.

mrsden Sat 13-Jul-13 22:43:32

I know missm, it's not fair. I can't believe how unbelievably easy it is for most people and even more infuriating is that people don't realise how lucky they are. I'm feeling sad today too, cd1 is always a tough day.

Gin, can't believe you're almost half way through. Do you have a proper bump yet?

Poutintrout Sun 14-Jul-13 09:56:05

missm (Sweaty) hugs to you. Like mrsd says CD1 is always so hard, almost like a physical slap in the face. Heavy and painful bleeding doesn't help either does it. Hope you are doing something nice and relaxing today.

gin My goodness you are really hurtling towards your 20 week scan. I can't quite believe it. It really doesn't seem that long! I also want to know whether you have a little bump yet.
BTW thank you for your really kind words, they made me smile.

lemons Not long now for EC. I am excited for you. It is so good (though I'm sure that the extra stabbing wasn't especially welcomed!) that they are making sure your follies are at their optimum stage of development. FX for you and this cycle.

rabbit Enjoy your hollibobs. You really deserve a relaxing break.

buzzy I am shuddering at the thought of Kayla chewing a buzzing fly. All flies meet a quick death in this house (I can't stand the thought of them landing on food or clean washing up because I know what they crawl around in!). I regularly lay on the floor, open the catflap and spray fly killer through it to despatch all the beasties in the porch thing at the back of the house!

Thank you everyone for thinking of Big Dog. He saw a lovely vet and she thinks that it is just a sprained knee. This means low impact exercise for a while so no ball - he will not be happy!. He's also got some anti inflammatories (and a lot of over time for MrP to pay the vet bill grin )

Well lots of love to all. Have a great and sunny Sunday. I'm painting the chest of drawers in the bedroom today. I got some bargain paint in Homebase the other week and now pretty much everything that is wooden in the house and not nailed down is being liberally coated in this vair posh paint grin

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Sun 14-Jul-13 14:13:17

Afternoon, well I was right about the estimated EC, still at Wed or Thurs... The scan was interesting to say the least. My lining and womble looked wonderful. In my right ovary there were three follies growing (of the bloody 9 last week). So we panicked slightly and wondered whether all the stabbing was going anywhere (if you start with 20 6 seems a low number). Thankfully the left ovary has gone a little overboard with 10 growing follies (out of 11!) So we're on 13, which according to the doc was perfect, as I am completely out of the OHSS risk but plenty to choose from. Out of the 13 there, one is 18mm, the rest between 14 and 16-ish. So a little while longer.

Yay for only sprained knee for Bug Dog. Waves and pets all round for the lovely 10+ers. I've decided I can be mopy and lazy for the week. Might just have had another nap

mrsden Sun 14-Jul-13 15:08:44

Pout, banish all thoughts of being too old from your mind. You're not! My clinic considers me to be very young for ivf, which I don't feel at all. I find it quite hard to age people but I'd guess that many of the other women in the waiting room are in their early forties.

Lemons, all sounds good. Just a few more days and then you'll be PUPO.

I had a lovely weekend away planned with a friend, she's just emailed and something she said makes me think she's pregnant. Shit. I really don't want to spend a weekend with her if that's the case. And I have a horrible feeling that she's planning on announcing it when we're away, waiting to do it in person. Maybe I should ask her outright.

Buzzybee123 Sun 14-Jul-13 15:45:52

pout glad big dog is ok, Kayla is back to licking a bold patch, do you hire yourself out smile

medussa big hugs

mrsd it might be an idea to mention it first before you go away, I remember my friend texting me to say she was pregnant and there was no way I could have hidden how I felt.

lemon its all systems go for you smile

Ginestas Mon 15-Jul-13 09:01:21

pout I agree with mrsd re age. Most of the women in my clinic are well in their 40s and the drs kept telling me I was young at 34 (ie you will get ohss gin)! In fact, when my mum came with us for EC, the nurses thought she was there for treatment, which would've required some kind of miracle seeing that she's in her 60s and sans womble!!

I'm so pleased to hear big dog is ok. Like kayla our fur baby doesn't like the heat. No bold patches, but lots of grumpiness!

mrsd is there some way you could find out from your friend re the potential pregnancy beforehand? Ask about dietary requirements or something? Just the anticipation of thinking she may be preggo would ruin the weekend for me.

Yay lemons for a text book ivf cycle! Sounds like all is going really well and you will have a great haul.

missm hope you are ok.

I think someone asked about the bump? I do have one, but I think it depends on what I'm wearing as to whether I look preggo or fat! I'll put some holiday pics on FB and you can judge for yourself! I can't believe the rate at which it and my thighs are growing. Having spent so long thinking it'd never happen, it's pretty surreal having an actual bump, but also quite lovely.

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Mon 15-Jul-13 17:41:34

Final scan was okay. Not a very chatty nurse, so less info, but she counted many follies, and gave me sympathy about the weight of my left ovary. And I got blood tested for the first time to see whether they would be ripe enough, and the answer was yes... Triggering tonight, EC on Wed.

Really knackered because I didn't sleep in anticipation last night, followed by trying to catch up the hours of worktime I lost waiting for the bloods. So name checking might happen after EC again.

Buzzybee123 Mon 15-Jul-13 17:43:53

lemon Yay come Wednesday you'll be PUPO

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Mon 15-Jul-13 17:45:00

No, I'll be PUPO on Saturday. Wed will be my guilt-free drink of the cycle wink

Buzzybee123 Mon 15-Jul-13 17:52:10

sorry lemon I am numerically challenged especially with the heat, roll on Saturday smile

mrsden Mon 15-Jul-13 21:42:01

That all sounds great lemons. Good luck, you're so close now.

Gin, I'm very jealous of your bump! I bet you look fantastic, I can't believe you're so close to 20 weeks. Has is gone slowly for you?

A colleague brought her 3 week old in today. I always feel ok with babies, not really broody and it doesn't upset me. The thing that did upset me though was then getting quizzed by everyone about when it would be my turn. I wish people could mind their own business. There seems to be a lot of bumps around at the moment, I think it must have been the long, cold winter this year resulting in a late summer/autumn baby boom.

I think I will ask my friend if she's pregnant, it will ruin the weekend if I'm anticipating an annocuementl.

Cosmos1 Mon 15-Jul-13 22:40:19

Lemons that's great news. Good luck for ec. All sounds like its going to plan.

MrsD I would have to ask your friend what she meant in her email too - dreading announcements are the worst.

I have to say I'm very jealous over Zara still going horse riding - just that level of confidence that everything would be ok. I'm scared to sneeze during the 2ww!

Waves everyone else.

seaviewasia Mon 15-Jul-13 22:41:14

Gin - can't believe you have a bump and are almost at 20 weeks. Yay! really delighted for you.

Mrsd - you should definitely ask your friend. I think the anticipation and surprise can be the worst part sometimes. Sorry to hear colleagues are not sensitive.

Lemons - Yay to being PUPO soon. Really excited and hope you kick of the good news for Fred 16!

Love to everyone else. I might be quiet for the rest of the week as have more family things to do post funeral. Hope all is good with everyone.

Love xx

MuddyWellyNelly Tue 16-Jul-13 07:49:27

Just a quick post to mark my place, sorry for continued shit-fests for many, but some positive stories to keep us all going too. Good luck for EC Lemons, you are doing brilliantly!

Yikes I'm late. All ok here. It had cooled down which is annoying I want roasting sun back angry.

freedom2011 Tue 16-Jul-13 15:43:06

hello ladies, it's been a while. I have been off getting warm and healthy with my chinese doctor. he's satisfied with my base temperature and would now like me to shorten my cycle length. hmm I am not sure how I am supposed to do that but ok. I would like to get our first cycle of IVF in before the end of the year. DH is not so keen on IVF at all but will go along with it.

Fingers crossed Lemon. and hello to everyone.

ThatWayMadnessLies Wed 17-Jul-13 08:05:24

Morning everyone,

Apologies for the long absence. Have been enjoying the sunshine and trying to obsess a little less about TTC. The benefit of long term downregging is that I am out of the cycle of hope and expectation. Next ivf cycle officially starts on August 8th.

More stress in out household with MrM's mum back in hospital. Much fear around here about the potential genetic link with dementia...... Growing old can be so horrible.

critter hooray for a heartbeat. That sounds wonderful. American health care is frustrating though. I want you to get a chance to see that baby!

mrsd I hope that you work it out with your friend. I agree that it is bet not to have it sprung on you where you can't deal with your emotions in private. I am ok around babies too, much more so than pregnant women. I visited a teensy tiny two week old yesterday. I quite enjoyed my cuddle.

pout I was relieved to read that big dog was ok. My mum's dog is having more and more health issues but she is so old that not much will be done. Only a matter of time I think. For now she is comfortable and happy so we will just have to see how it goes.

lemon good luck today! It sounds like things have gone well so far and my fingers are crossed for a bumper crop of eggs. Make sure you relax and are taken care of tonight.

We are off on a mini holiday this afternoon and I haven't finished packing yet. Apologies for the woeful name checking but waves to all I've missed.

Ginestas Wed 17-Jul-13 08:45:14

Just popping in quickly to wish lemons good luck today!

Sorry about mil mad. Enjoy your holiday!

Luffs to all.

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Wed 17-Jul-13 10:47:41

Get the Barry White on. I am home already, there were 15 eggs collected and an excellent contribution from SB. Let's hope they do there thing and get a move on. Fairly woozy still, so not much chance of actual name checking. Maybe later.

Buzzybee123 Wed 17-Jul-13 11:08:04

lemon well done, rest up smile

Cosmos1 Wed 17-Jul-13 11:20:15

Lemons 15 is a great crop, well done you! That's the hard part (physically) done now, hope you manage to have a relaxing rest of the day. Will they call you tomorrow to let you know about fertilisation? I have a good feeling about this round for you.

Buzzy so glad things are still going well for you. I'm going back to see Mr S today to do some of the immune stuff alongside the FET round.

Free I tried Chinese medicine for a while, are doing herbs and acupuncture? Are you charting and have you seen much change in your cycles? I did think it was helping, but ran out of patience with it in the end.

Mad sorry about the mil worries. Hope you're mini break helps you relax and sets you up for the next round.

Waves everyone else.

freedom2011 Wed 17-Jul-13 12:33:04

i was charting cosmos, i am doing herbs and a bit of acupuncture but more herbs. I am warmer definitely but now he's told me to not worry about temperature just exercise plenty, eat well, nothing cold and try and get the cycle shorter. I am on about 35 day cycle right now down from . On the plus side I've lost about 7.5KG and only a few more to go and I will have a healthy BMI

lemon 15 - wow! great great well done

freedom2011 Wed 17-Jul-13 12:35:02

duh, didnt finish typing - 35 day cycle down from 39-41

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Wed 17-Jul-13 12:50:34

No, we SB gets to call them on Friday to hear whether there are embies and if, where, how etc there will be ET. I have explained to him that I've done the hard bits that I had to do so he can do the phone calls. I am making him the point of contact for the results of The Test. Like I did last time I got to testing, as we have no privacy at work.

sarlat Wed 17-Jul-13 17:20:03

Lemon - woohoo for the mighty 15. Well done, make sure you take it easy.

Free - the chineses meds sounds really helpful. Glad things are going well.

Cosmos- how did it go with mr s?

Madness- have a super duper holiday.

Den - I agree babies are much easier than preggos. In your shoes I might be tempted to say something to your freind along the lines of " ooooo you got me wondering if there is a baby on the way, just something you said...,,," she would then probably tell you either way and then you can get the stingy bit over with. How are you feelibg about future rounds of ivf? Have you discussed the premature ec with the drs yet?

Pout - oh my goodness sweetheart, you are not too old. There are easily 5 + good fertility years left. But i know that feeling very well where you just want to draw a line under everything. I was never open to adoption either and know that crappy frustrated feeling so well. Keep thinking of your frostie and the marvelous stats associated with that a la gin.

Rabbit - I have been thinking of you. These are strange days. But there is tons and tons of hope.

Nelly- hope you are ok and things feel more settled, but its perfectly ok not to be happy for a while too. It will get better. You make great embryos, you are waiting for lady luck only.

Hello to all.

Buzzybee123 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:59:17

cosmos I hope all went well with Shehata, he is looking good since he shifted 8 stone, I hope his bed side manner has improved

free well done on the weight loss smile

madness sorry to hear about MIL, dementia is a difficult thing to deal with

this heat is disgusting and I have to say I am struggling

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