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How soon can u concieve after miscarriage?

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majormug Sun 04-Jun-06 20:51:17

I am asking on behalf of a friend who doesnt have a pc and just wondered whether she could be after a few weeks??

PanicPants Sun 04-Jun-06 21:01:15

Yes she could. I m/c at the beginning of november 04, had period 22nd november and conceived ds on 7th december and he was born in august 05!

cece Sun 04-Jun-06 21:01:46

I believe it is possible to concieve before your first period after a mc. There are people on here that it has happened to.

majormug Sun 04-Jun-06 21:05:43

right.... she thought she would have to have one complete cycle.... she was quite far on....14 weeks

MumRum Sun 04-Jun-06 21:08:32

I MC at 11 weeks... had a erpc.. ovulated 2 weeks later and fell pregnant...

majormug Sun 04-Jun-06 21:12:34

wow thats quick.... she has signs.... sore boobs etc but wont do a test.... is scared it will say she isnt.

MumRum Sun 04-Jun-06 21:17:57

I knew straight away I was pregnant... the getting up in the night for a wee.. sore boobs..
I'll keep my fingers crossed for her...

suzi2 Sun 04-Jun-06 21:27:36

I think the only problem with doing a test is that there may still be some residual HCG lurking around from being pg... not sure how long it takes to go back to normal completely.

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