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When to test???

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sofarsogood Sat 03-Jun-06 08:21:25

Hi, Im new here, 2nd post!
I was wandering if I could ask about the time of testing for pregnancy.

I have been having what seems to be implantation bleed for about 3 or 4 days now but I tested this morning and it was negative. How many days past ovulation does implantation bleed usually occour? I cant use my CD to gauge when to test as I have on average 2 AF's per year.

Any idea if there is any point testing again in the near future or should I just accept Im not pregnant.

Any advice would be great.


G x

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 03-Jun-06 08:36:13


Is polcycystic ovaries or PCOS an issue with your good self?. I ask this as this can be behind why you are having one two periods a year. If your cycles are this irregular then it will be difficult to conceive perhaps without some medical intervention.

What you are having may not be an implantation bleed at all but a period bleed instead. I would personally not retest if a recent pg test has shown a negative result (also seeing repeated negatives can be very disheartening).

Would suggest you seek medical advice asap re the bleeding and irregular periods. Would also ask for a referral to a gynae in your circumstances as well.

suzi2 Sat 03-Jun-06 16:45:30

I would agree. Get advice on the irregular bleeding. From what I have read, implantation bleeding is usual only a small amount of spotting over a day or so.

However, should you wish to test, if it is implantation you're experiencing then a pg test should give you a positive in about 10-14 days at the latest,

sofarsogood Sun 04-Jun-06 13:39:38

I have been to see a gyne and Ive also been refered for more tests. I have had a scan for PCOS and thats what confirmed I have it. I also had a hysteroscopy but because I have 2 periods a year the lining of thw womb is too thick to see properly. I need to have a bleed then CD2 tests and another hysteroscopy.

Whatever the stuff was only lasted 3 days actually when I thought about it and has now stopped. When I do have a period its really bad and painfull and I had no pain at all so Im keeping my fingers crossed and will test again in 2 weeks. Will actually be good timing as my hen night is in 2 weeks so I will know if I can drink or now.

Thanks for your advice

G x

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