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Eeeek is it safe to have unprotected sex a day after your period has finished???

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havetochangename Sat 03-Jun-06 00:00:45

I thought it was ok, but need reassurance.

Am a regular but had to change name as a few people know me on here in real life!

tenalady Sat 03-Jun-06 00:02:08

Er no its not safe to have any unprotected sex!!

Ledodgyherring Sat 03-Jun-06 00:03:22

It's considered one of the safest times pregnancy wise however I have a mate with an 11 year old dd who is an exception to this rule. I suggest the morning after pill if pregnancy is not an option.

SparklyGothKat Sat 03-Jun-06 00:03:44

assuming you have a 7 day period, you had unprotected sex on day 8, I believe sperm can live for 7 days, if you have a 28 day cycles you will release an egg on day 14, so its not ok, it depends on your cycles.

havetochangename Sat 03-Jun-06 00:04:54


havetochangename Sat 03-Jun-06 00:05:10

I am sooooooooooo stupid

SecurMummy Sat 03-Jun-06 00:06:18

is it too late for morning after pill?

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 03-Jun-06 00:06:25

Well, yes, a little bit if you didnt want to get pg.

SparklyGothKat Sat 03-Jun-06 00:06:49

when did you have sex? you can take the MAP up to 72 hours afterwards

jampots Sat 03-Jun-06 00:06:54

really? sperm can live for 7 days?

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 03-Jun-06 00:06:56

Im sorry, that wasnt very helpful

Get morning after pill, yes.

havetochangename Sat 03-Jun-06 00:07:03

I really don't want a baby. Would be totally the wrong thing.

havetochangename Sat 03-Jun-06 00:07:26

Tonight about 10

havetochangename Sat 03-Jun-06 00:07:59

Doesn't the MAP increase your chances of cervical cancer? I had it once in my teens.

Ledodgyherring Sat 03-Jun-06 00:08:33

Not after 2 goes I wouldn't have thought?

SparklyGothKat Sat 03-Jun-06 00:08:33

go to the GP tomorrow or tescos or boots and get the MAP. Tescos and botts charge for it (about £25 I believe) but you can get it from the GP.

SecurMummy Sat 03-Jun-06 00:10:45

Am not sure - which is worse, a slightly increased risk of this or being pg?

I don't know but I know where my money would go....

Actually think you are supposed to be "allowed" it 3 times.

Twiglett Sat 03-Jun-06 00:13:36

um you don't ovulate day 14 of your cycle .. that's a statistical average .. you might ovulate day 6 or day 24 (someone on TTC board just posted that she got pregnant day 6) .. it doesn't matter how long your 'bleed' lasts you just count from first day

get the MAP from chemist

SparklyGothKat Sat 03-Jun-06 00:14:36

I took it twice as a teenager, and once last year my GP never said that I couldn't have it. Have just googled how long sperm lives for, its 3-5 days.
(just don't tell my DH its not 7 days, or he will try it on every time after my period lol)

SparklyGothKat Sat 03-Jun-06 00:15:36

I do twig! I have very regular periods and I know when I am OV. lol

Twiglett Sat 03-Jun-06 00:17:33

do you chart then or use OPKs .. because I had regular periods too ... and certainly didn't ov day 14

Twiglett Sat 03-Jun-06 00:17:55

not saying you don't you may well be Ms Average

SparklyGothKat Sat 03-Jun-06 00:19:08

I get pains when I OV, so I know when its happening.

Twiglett Sat 03-Jun-06 00:19:56

eeeek ... that's not conclusive .. be careful .. be verrry verrrry careful

SparklyGothKat Sat 03-Jun-06 00:21:09

I don;t have unprotected sex (well once last year when I was drunk) I don;t want a baby.

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