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Eggcellent Egg Buddies: are you cycling in June/July/August/September?

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JuicySausage Mon 24-Jun-13 18:29:05

...then come and get your flipping baby here. We are a group of utterly priceless loons who are deadly serious about buying our babies at the highest price (or free if you're a lucky NHS bastard). There are no failures here <smashes gavel>

nobeer Mon 24-Jun-13 20:16:08

Wow another thread! Welcome Maybe. <waves to everyone else>

I'm having chicken salad for tea. Organic lettuce, I'll have you know! Am following Scary Spice's advice and having a cup of herbal tea too.

JuicySausage Mon 24-Jun-13 20:17:22

Let's have a brief recap for Maybe:

Juicy: 41, donor egg IVF in Czech Republic last week. Currently six days past a five-day transfer (6dp5dt). Two AA hatching blasts were transferred but, sadly, there have been rumours of them spotted floating down the river Vlatava in Prague after a particularly brutal poo forced them out sad

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Mon 24-Jun-13 20:19:00

I can do dinner discussions, we had lamb stew. It was good. SB=DH was supposed to cooke but I winged about side effects for a good hour when he got home, so we ate tomorrow's running club easy dinner...

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Mon 24-Jun-13 20:20:44

Oh and I had a pot of peppermint tea after dinner. I am good.

Joos you made me spit my tea at the screen with your rumours about the escapist embryos.

But the personals are very handy. I never got more than half a word in edgeways last thread because I spent most of it at a conference with a colleague reading my laptop screen

NoMaybeAboutIt Mon 24-Jun-13 20:22:07

Juicy what a shitter wink. Two AA you say? Top notch! See above for my boring story.

As for dinner I too have had a chicken salad. Complete with brown rce, homemade chilli sauce, mint and yoghurt.

NookNook Mon 24-Jun-13 20:33:52

I had vegetable stirfry wih noodles. Very tasty.

Nook: 34 years old. Low ovarian reserve. 3rd ivf attempt. Currently stimming (8 days in). 6 follicles discovered at scan this morning. Had momentary wobble but feeling better now. This willl be last attempt with my scraggy eggs before possible donor round or adoption.

MotorcycleMama Mon 24-Jun-13 20:37:27

motor 41. Currently waiting to see how many of my 5 viable donor eggs have been fertilised. First ever IVF, and went straight to DE as the chances of conceiving with my own were too slight. Previous miscarriage at 12 weeks 2008.

NoMaybeAboutIt Mon 24-Jun-13 20:37:35

Hi Nook thanks for the low down. I'm sure your eggs are far from scraggy. Glad you're feeling better than earlier.

NoMaybeAboutIt Mon 24-Jun-13 20:38:41

That's great news Motor. So sorry about your mc. Will you get the call tomorrow?

MotorcycleMama Mon 24-Jun-13 20:46:43

Hi maybe, yes, the clinic say they'll call me between 8 and 8.30. So many people on here have had miscarriages - which makes it very supportive. Good luck with your cycle!

JuicySausage Mon 24-Jun-13 20:53:12

Lemon, I was looking to make a lamb stew t'other week 'til I clapped eyes on the price of a shoulder of lamb. The only time £12 leaves my purse is for a pair of 'best' shoes, know wot I mean?

Maybe, I'm afraid we crossed posts earlier rendering my inquisition as rather tardy. Anyway, you've more or less covered the basics, now all we need to know is: a) have you ever been to prison? b) can you fanny fart to order? and c) have you ever had wheelbarrow sex?

JuicySausage Mon 24-Jun-13 20:55:13

...^homemade chilli sauce^....someone round here has too much time on their hands hmm

I've had large chips, battered sausage, gravy and a can of Irn Bru well I am eating for three grin

JuicySausage Mon 24-Jun-13 20:59:42

My worst miscarriage was the miscarriage of justice I experienced when I realised Yorkie had scaled their bars down to six pieces. Absolute utter bastards. Not sure if I'll ever get over it.

NoMaybeAboutIt Mon 24-Jun-13 21:01:41

Keeping my fingers crossed Motor

Now Juicy. A) No, B) if I put my mind to it and C) do you mean actually a wheel barrow? The logistics of that are mind boggling....

I won't mention the sauce was to go with homemade kebabs and homemade pittas as that would most definitely confirm I have too much time on my hands

NoMaybeAboutIt Mon 24-Jun-13 21:02:21

Oh I love a yorkie. Yes I do.

Nokkie73 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:08:48

That's the last time i invite anyone into my pillowy Norks. Not so much as a mention. Pfffffff.

Can you bastards leave a trail of crumbs next time you start a new Fred please.

Nokkie73 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:09:33

Hello maybe

What is your favourite word for lady garden ?

NoMaybeAboutIt Mon 24-Jun-13 21:11:43

Is this a test Nokkie?! I'll go for the one that seems to be popular with DH at the moment. Beef curtains. Are your norks very pillowy?

JuicySausage Mon 24-Jun-13 21:12:12

Oh, Nokkie!! I am so sorry my darling! I forgot to thank you for that beautiful offer of nestling in the crevasse of your coffee-coloured baps.... any road, you never thanked me for saying I loved you whilst funking on ecstasy <pout>

JuicySausage Mon 24-Jun-13 21:13:46

Maybe, do not answer the lady-garden question until you have answered mine <firm>

P.s. pliz.

JuicySausage Mon 24-Jun-13 21:14:33

My favourite is: axe wound <anti-feminist>

eurozammo Mon 24-Jun-13 21:15:39

Brief update:

euro on cycle 2 of IVF. Trying natural modified this time (low dose stimms). 4 eggs collected yesterday, 2 fertilised, ET tomorrow. I've previously tried one cycle of natural IVF (got one embie, BFP but mc'd) and 2x natural IUI (BFN). I started a conventional IVF cycle last year and went a bit mental downregging, hence the hippy IVF for me. I can't be trusted on drugs.

tametortie Mon 24-Jun-13 21:17:15

Bonjour ma petit champignon smile

motor fab egg numbers- what a clever donor you have and incedibly kind too. When I donated, I gave my donor shit eggs (I didnt know they were shit) and I think I am still being punished hmm

mejust well done you for being brave and well done on 18 eggs. You are winning so far although I think fish is very likely to open a can of whoop-ass all over you with her 58 million follicles.....

fish glad to see e2 is still moving in the right direction. Are they going to see how things are tomorrow then decide whether you will go ahead or freeze??? How are you feeling about all that??

Euro Congrats on 2 embies!!! Did you have a 3 day transfer last time?? Out of interest, do many natural/mild cycles go for blastocyst transfer?

Twink Glad you took some action with your friend- did you get a response? Feeling more positive?

Maybe Welcome to our thread!! Its very fast moving but chip in where possible!! smile

juicy I am going to beat you with your own 6x11 giant turd if you do not stop with the negative vibes. Those embies are snuggled in- I refuse to believe otherwise. They did not fall out with the shit.

lemon hello again! We are relying on you and nooknook to keep us in action in the next few weeks. We are like adrenaline junkies with all this action today. How has DR gone so far? Any side effects?

nooknook Sorry you are feeling a bit low sad I feel the same sometimes about my eggs- we all wobble. xxxx lots of love xxxxx

fab thanks for the porridge idea. DH got me some gluten free oats today. I have succumbed to some pearl barley today then found out it is 5% gluten and felt bad cos I am shit and have failed already. But then realised I need to get a grip, man up and plod on. I'm still practising...

wish I cant believe all 11 of your embies are still going!!! thats amazing. I am very jealous cos all mine are half dead by day 3 envy but also incredibly wistful cos I'm a sucker for a good embie haul. Lucky you xxxxx

karbea when will you test??? I am very hopeful for you xxxx Sooooooo want you to succeed....

choco how are things??? Are you still playing the waiting game? Me too. it sucks.

nobeer how are things with you?? xxx

have I missed anyone??? If so hello smile

I went back to work today. It was a bit hairum scareum because I was bleeding so heavily and had a few grim moments where I thought I had actually bled all over my chair but it was fine. Not as much pain as I have been having and the people in the know were really kind. They had done a collection and bought me some flowers and DH some booze. So sweet.

I had scrambled egg for breakfast with a grilled mushroom, pea and mint soup for lunch and seafood stew for dinner made by my friend. It had pearl barley in though which has gluten in apparently hmm so fail on day 2.

chocolocodowninacapulco Mon 24-Jun-13 21:18:51


Firstly, fab, I'm behind you as EC should be WB 12th August, so please don't bugger off and leave me(that applies to the rest of you too)

juicy I was absolutely fooked 3 days before OTD last time and was pg, just saying. I fell asleep several times at about 9 o' clock while I was sitting at the table doing a poor impression of working. I am nervous and excited for you and please will you stop saying you've pooed them out!!

mejust well done for surviving egg collection, you've done us proud! Can't wait to hear your news tomorrow

euro great to hear about your 2 fertilised eggs. As we both know well it only takes 1. I mean, ffs, I only had one egg despite high dose stims. Good luck for ET tomorrow

wish exciting times, can't wait to hear your news tomorrow. I know it doesn't help, but knowing the embryologist he probably wanted to say something personable and nice, but didn't think about how it might worry you.

nook well done on the follicles growing, 6 is good going

karb hang on in there

motor that's a good number of eggs, fab!

tame how was being back at work?

twinks well done for talking to your friend and glad you're feeling better

Hello to lemon and nobeer and welcome maybe

My history btw - starting #3 at the end of July after #2 ended in mc at 6 weeks. Me, 37, low ovarian reserve. DH had SSR last August due to failed VR.

I had salmon for dinner and whole wheat pasta and a tomato and veg sauce(the salmon was nice, but the rest was as gross as it sounds), DH made a much wiser choice with couscous. A Michelin star chef I ain't! grin

tametortie Mon 24-Jun-13 21:20:07

Axe wound??!!!!!

Thats rank.

I love the c word. cant beat it.

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