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Looking for some support along this everlasting road of ttc? Let the brookers take control....

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BlindKitty Sat 22-Jun-13 20:37:32

Hey brookers!!! Like what I've done with the place???? Come on in and get ready for some serious brooking action!!!!! grin

Withalittlesparkle Mon 22-Jul-13 22:56:52

Anyone else concerned that's not the real imps? Her typing is currently way too good!!!

It was a relative sneeze, 8lb 5oz with just gas and air, 5 hours and POP he was here! couple of stitches and we were all sorted!!

Biscuitsandtea Tue 23-Jul-13 06:18:35


Have a massive massive mahoosive hug!

Wow we've missed you! I couldn't believe it when I popped in and there you were!

So glad to hear you've been well while you've been away and that you and DH are happy with your decision - I've often thought about you and wondered if you were ok.

T'is lovely to see you xxx

ScrambledSmegs Tue 23-Jul-13 14:09:12

Imps! Hello there! How the devil are you?

Don't know if you saw but DD2 arrived at the end of last year. All 9lbs5oz of her. Yeah, Kate, you think yours was big, eh?


<waves> to all. Just back from Center Parcs - it was lovely, can't believe I thought it was just like Pontins for years! Want to go back when the girls are older and want to do the proper adventure-stuff. Not for my sake, for them, you know wink

ScarlettInSpace Tue 23-Jul-13 14:33:28

Oi geek gimme back my friggin pot plant! Pfffft hmm

<squeeeeeeeeeezes imps >

<runs away again, feeling exposed and disguise-less>

NoMaybeAboutIt Tue 23-Jul-13 14:39:50

<chases after Scarlett rugby tackles her, sits on and smacks the floor WWF stylee>

Lovely to see you Smegs I have never been to centre parcs but really want to!

TheLittleFriend Tue 23-Jul-13 14:46:16

Smegs I loved Center Parcs when we took dd last year. I have heard it referred to as Butlins for Waitrose shoppers, which I thought was quite apt!

cartoontrickster Tue 23-Jul-13 15:16:05

wow its like a brookers re-union in here!
lovely to see you all. geek and scarlett hope you've been enjoying ur little break from all this.
cups how are you? what's the next thing for you? I never did get my head around this IVF business.
anyone due to test soon? I think we need some live poas action! especially since so many brookers are here. grin

BeedlesPineNeedles Tue 23-Jul-13 15:26:17

imps how lovely to see you, we have missed you grin Glad you're so happy with the not ttc. I'm still here, will be having a second attempt at IVF in Oct.

cups I think I did all my jabs sitting down, though maybe as I only did 11 in total there was less chance of me hitting the same spot twice. Not much longer to go now though.

scarlett lovely to see you too, how is everything?

We're back home after our trip to England, we picked a good week to visit I think grin And also a good time to return home to avoid royal baby mania. Still got another week off work to sit in the garden and work on my tan grin

geek were the photos on fb mrgeek and his children?

BlindKitty Tue 23-Jul-13 19:16:12

scarlett hey! Good to have you back! Are you planning any more iuis? We're starting next month!

penguin not sure as my only friends on there (from the elderberry pavs thread) have added me

Solars Wed 24-Jul-13 08:05:49

Morning, is it scan day today for you Cups? if so c'mon grow follies, grow!! <shimmies around in a ra ra skirt and pom poms>

have been busy catching up with work so will try and catch up properly with you all later

ControlGeek Wed 24-Jul-13 08:39:14

Good luck cups you've done so well to get this far. Brooking for your amazing number of follies to be waking up and growing.

beedle yes that was mrg, his son and his son's girlfriend. Things are still diffivult with his daughter, we only get very basic, sporadic emails from her but I make sure mrg emails her every 2-3 weeks regardless.

maybe is it sinking in for you yet, lovely?

<offers scarlett an olive branch in place of her former pot plant>

Waves to all the other brookers, it's amazing to see so many old faces in here again.

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 24-Jul-13 09:05:30

<squeezes geek to within an inch is her life>

MeGs son looks so like MrG Geek! I'm so pleased things are progressing. You have all come so far! How are you though? How are you feeling about everything?

Good luck Cups!! <joins Solars in the grow follies grow dance>

Beedle so pleased you had a nice hollibob. You picked the nicest week!! This week is just sticky and horrible.

Hello to all the other brookeers!! I really must get out of bed. I've been asleep for 10 hours blush

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 24-Jul-13 09:19:52

<Grabs the Brookers old and new for a group hug>

It's lovely to see PlantScarlett again, did you have a nice holiday?

Geek I saw that pic too, they look so alike! MrG is doing the right thing persevering with his DD, hopefully she will come around.

Beedle how's the weather over there? Hope you get to enjoy the sun for the rest of your holiday.

Maybe how are you doing? Did the clinic give you a date for your scan? Sorry if I've missed that post.

Solars how are you? Any symptoms to report yet?

I'm back from the clinic, it was just bloods today. I've got my first scan on Friday. The nurse said they will only be in touch if the gonal f dose needs adjusting. She said if everything goes well I could be ready to trigger on Saturday shock that seems crazy to me as I thought I would need more scans than that. I'm veering from feeling twinges and aches to thinking I'm imagining it and they are going to call saying the bloods haven't changed! I couldn't sleep last night so I'm going to put on my zita west cd and try to catch up now.

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 24-Jul-13 10:21:39

Cups I had to increase my dose twice throughout the process, so don't worry if that happens. After 5 dysthere was hardly any change, but then they all went crazy! Ll you have to remember is you had a nice high count to start its, you're guaranteed some lovely eggs!

Scan is on the 13th. 20 days and counting. I'm only 5 weeks today!

EverythingIsTicketyBoo Wed 24-Jul-13 16:03:42

Come on you lot, your so busy getting BFP's and hiding yourselves (I saw you Geek) you didn't notice that you've almost filled this thread!! It's been a fast moving one this one!

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 24-Jul-13 16:12:14

It must be cos we have had so many brookers come back Boo! It's been so lovely!!

EverythingIsTicketyBoo Wed 24-Jul-13 16:36:20

It has been a lovely thread, well done Kitty you've tempted in some newbies and got some well loved and missed brookers back smile

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 24-Jul-13 17:08:51

Ooh new thread time! I might give it a go. All these years I've been a Brooker and I've never started one.

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 24-Jul-13 17:09:52

Go for it Cups grin

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 24-Jul-13 17:12:45

I've done it, I can't link though. Can't figure out how to do it on the iPad blush

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 24-Jul-13 17:15:17


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