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should i see my gp?

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titchy77 Wed 31-May-06 17:10:37

Hi ladies,
I have a ds 8yrs and in august 05 found out i was pregnant by my new partner but i had a missed miscarriage in oct followed by an erpc, gp at hospital said if i had 3 or more m/c they would not look into it as i have a son and fell pregnant fine the second time, i have been ttc since to no avail, does anyone think i should see my gp as i'm very worried and everytime i get my af it brings out all the pain of my m/c, does anyone have any advice for me please?

Twiglett Wed 31-May-06 17:13:32

how many months have you been trying .. if you normally get pregnant quite quickly and its longer than 6 months I'd say its worth investigating .. but I would say to tell GP its been 12 months

good luck titch

titchy77 Wed 31-May-06 17:33:39

Ihave been trying for 7 months now i'm worried that something may of gone wrong with the erpc even thou they said it was only a slight risk, and they could give me no reason why the baby had died which i've found it very hard to come to terms with i dont know it just makes me wonder as i fell pregnant within a month and now every month i find myself obsessing about it, people tell me its probably coz i am worring that its not happening but its really hard not to!

titchy77 Wed 31-May-06 17:34:50

Thank you twiglett, i tried to use that name then came up with titch!!!!

rubles Wed 31-May-06 20:37:14

Are you 29 titchy? If so, I think they'll want you to have 12 months of ttc behind you before they will consider sending you for further tests, (I got that from mumsnet by the way, but my sister was also young like you following her m/c and they wanted her to wait 12 months. It took 9 before she got pregnant again so she didn't need to wait). you can try though can't you? Maybe it wouldn't hurt to tell someone about it anyway- assuming your doctor isn't going to be patronising and dismissive, that is.

fwiw, I am in a similar boat except I am over 35 so they apparently will take you seriously after 6 months of ttc. Although everyone is probably right and we just need to be able to completely relax about it, you can't help wondering if something is wrong when it all happened so easily previously. Also, it is difficult to force yourself to relax.

suzi2 Wed 31-May-06 22:24:58

My friend saw her GP after 9 months TTC as her DD was conceived very easily (a one off accident!). Anyway, GP did some basic tests - general bloods, progesterone, and some other stuff I can't remember. Unfortunately 18 months on she's being referred to someone else as she had a difficult birth with her DD which may have complicated things.

I would suggest that you go to yur GP to discuss it. Even if they tell you to come back in a few months, having your earlier discussion on record might give you some more 'clout' if it needs to be checked out - which I hope it doesn't.

Good luck.

titchy77 Thu 01-Jun-06 14:47:53

Yes i'm 29, maybe im just being paranoid its just i so wanted the baby i m/c and all i can think about is getting pregnant again, i hane a great dp who i talk to alot but its so nice to know there are other woman in the same situation and are feeling the same things, none of my friends have been through it and sometimes i feel that people feel i should be over it by now and to stop focusing my life around getting pregnant! I have alot to be thankful for thou there are far more people worse off than me its just good to be able to get things off my chest.

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