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ARGC - I know this is done to death but I have more questions :)

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vallinnapod Thu 20-Jun-13 21:17:08

OK - will keep this as brief as you can for an AC thread grin

I have PCOS, although normal weight, hairiness etc. Only diagnosed from pelvic ultra sound after coming off the pill after 12 years and getting no periods. Normal hormone levels, still no ovulation.

Moved straight to AC at The Bridge. Tried Clomid at various doses and Letrozole but nothing. Went straight to IVF and was lucky enough to get DS on my first cycle and two blasts to freeze.

We have had one failed FET on the third attempt. First attempt abandoned as we got too close to Christmas (despite me checking several times we would be OK, hmm). The second attempt was abandoned as my lining took ages to remotely thicken, then spotting. And the third attempt failed. I do have lining on the thin side (7.8mm on my successful IVF).

I am now mid-fifth FET attempt. The fourth having been cancelled as the clinic forgot to call me to increase my meds - my initial scan had shown my lining at 7mm. Was told I would be called if the docs decided to increase my meds, this was the best I had got at first scan so when no call I just assumed that was fine. Stupid me. Second scan showed lining down to 5.8mm so abandoned. Clinic less that apologetic about their error.

As you can tell I am not exactly over armoured with The Bridge and if this FET fails I will not be going back.

I would like to go to ARGC. I have a good idea of cost and intensity - TBH that sort of monitoring would suit me down to the ground. But I have a couple of questions.

How long is the wait for an initial appointment? Would it be worth making now?

Since I don't ovulate or bleed without medication how would the do a monitoring cycle?

Would they insist on immune testing, giving a previous successful IVF?

Anything else I should be aware of?


Solars Thu 20-Jun-13 23:16:04

Hi I'm currently with argc and will try and answer as best I can.

We were given a date 4 weeks away once we sent our application form in for our initial appointment. Once you are given a date you can ask if there are any cancellations, if you are flexible to take one sooner. I would definitely send your registration form in now as you can always rearrange if you need to later.

In terms of the monitoring cycle I'm sure they will discuss that with you at the initial appointment and recommend what would be best for you given your specific issues.

I wouldn't say they insist on immunes but they do recommend them. For us I have I guess mild endometriosis and they did say that can cause issues with immunes for me. Most of the ladies I have met at argc did have their immunes tested. I do know of one person who didn't have it checked out on her first round and had a failed first cycle and before her next round did get them checked out. She had, it turned out quite high levels, got them treated and is now pg.

I hope that has helped in some way.

vallinnapod Fri 21-Jun-13 13:12:25

Thanks smile

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