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TTC #2 and turning into a nut job! Part 2!

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BartBaby Wed 19-Jun-13 08:00:54

Still ttc. Still nutty. Come join us smile

AbiBub Wed 19-Jun-13 08:24:31

Hee hee! I found you! grin

VikingLady Wed 19-Jun-13 08:40:45

Found you!

AF due tomorrow. Had very light spotting yesterday, but it stopped in no time, and I'm producing GALLONS of CM - is that normal? A good sign or a bad one? BFN this morning again, but last time I didn't get a BFP until I was a couple of weeks in. Fingers crossed!

AbiBub Wed 19-Jun-13 09:00:42

Hello * viking* ! My af due around tomorrow too! Fx for you! Producing could be a good sign I think I have a fair bit at the mo but I can also get that right before af so im not assuming anything other than af due!! I did post on the other thread, but shall I copy and paste over to here?!? confused

AbiBub Wed 19-Jun-13 09:02:02

Morning peeps! How are we all today?  mrscookie that nausea thing is horrid isn't it, I had awful nausea with our DS. Hopefully it wears off before too long, they say around 16 weeks, but I hope it doesn't affect you for too much longer!! babyrose keeping my pinkies crossed for you. I think its mainly down to the environment that is there for a sticky bean, thats why when anyone comes off the pill it takes a while for the environment to be right bcos of thechemicals to be rid of our systems! The main thing is you know you have been actively trying! ! Not really had any symptoms, I have a funny feeling that af will be imminent. I have a bit of nausea off and on but I think thats mainly down to being hungry! I have weird dull achey pains here and there but not all the time which I normally do have with af but it can change at any point so im of the mindset that af will arrive. Ive been a little nut job in my own way this end of cycle and been checking my temp (only in ear) and its actually gone down as of this morning. Im pretty sure if you're pg it stays hi doesnt it?? Af due by tomoz by my estimations so I guess if it doesnt come on by the morning I could POAS then maybe, or perhaps leave it till friday/weekend time?! Wow this has turned out to be an essay, sorry ladies!

AbiBub Wed 19-Jun-13 09:02:37

Hee hee! I did it anyway!! wink x

BartBaby Wed 19-Jun-13 09:04:49

Ha ha hi abi

Yeah i think you can have 1000 posts or something like that. I hope everyone finds us!

Good luck for poas! I need to go do the school run but i will do a better update later on smile

StoneBaby Wed 19-Jun-13 09:15:36

The cut off point is 1,000 for a thread. Thanks for stating a new one bart

I was nauseous with DS for about 3 months and I have started that too at the moment but no POAS until Sunday. It is awful to think you're going to throw up and the feeling just stay. For me it disapear by 2 - 3pm (knowing that it starts at 6.30am)

mrscookie78 Wed 19-Jun-13 09:18:55

Its funny how we spend most of our lives trying to avoid getting pregnant, then we can spend years trying to get pregnant.

Have heard you can get extra cm when pregnant viking but then I have heard and read so many symptoms that can be a sign!

AbiBub Wed 19-Jun-13 10:23:58

Ahhhhh I see I didnt know that about the posts! ! Thanks for starting a new one! Looking forward to the update!

stone yeah I positively hate the feeling if nausea and its totally pants if you hurl that the feeling doesnt go! Whenever there are bugs about I think to myself that if I get it I hope to just get back door trots rather than the sick bit, but in pg there is not that option!! I might see how long I can last before I POAS if evil af doesnt turn up as predicted

mrs cookie I know what you mean about the pg thing. Lets hope there is some more BFP's on this thread before too long eh!


SparklyMasterMummy Wed 19-Jun-13 12:22:41


Can I join here please?! Me and H are ttc our second baby. First one was a surprise lol, so this is all new to us. We stopped using contraceptives in January, but I've just had my period start today, each month it's disheartening. So we are now using ovulations tests this coming cycle. Anyway I just wanted to join for support really.

Coolhand Wed 19-Jun-13 12:36:03

Good - found you all again!

Hi Sparkly - it is devastating disheartening but there's support in nos here.

Well I've had zero symptoms until yesterday when I felt nauseous but by last night figured I'm just sick - going hot and cold, can't eat, dizzy - have spent morning in bed and still feel awful. Don't feel pregnant at all so expecting AF this weekend.

Abi have my fx for you today!

SparklyMasterMummy Wed 19-Jun-13 12:49:43

Thank you Coolhand. I had a lot of symptoms this week, felt dizzy, tiered, nauseous, and weeing more, but obviously was just a bug or something. It was awful timing, got my hopes slightly raised.

Fingers crossed for all of us here

muzzy2011 Wed 19-Jun-13 13:12:31

Hi all
Thanks for the reply cookie I was using clear blue digital ones...I'm pretty sure that the *ve reading las Friday was wrong and in actually ov today! Don't think I'm going to use them again...they have only added to my stress levels this month! Think i have no chance this month as we last DTD Sunday.

Good luck to everyone with pg symptoms and sorry you got your AF sparkly....

BartBaby Wed 19-Jun-13 15:52:45

Good luck viking its not over until af arrived so you are still in with a chance smile

abi and coolhand fx that the witch doesnt arrive for you. I would have already caved and poas!

cookie i hope you are feeling better soon. I had quite bad morning sickness with ds but it subsided by 12 weeks i think. I ate home made ginger biscuits from my auntie. And drank lots of tonic water!

And welcome sparkly were all nutters here in the same boat. Its nice to have people to talk to and vent to. And everyone is just lovely grin

My month is going slightly better than i thought it would. DH managed to get home an extra night so we got in more dtd. Im cd15 so far. Got a +ve opk on sun afternoon, and on monday lunchtime aswell so i think i will have ov during the night on monday/tuesday morning, which is cd14 and exactly the same day as the last 2 months! We dtd on cd9, cd11, cd13 and cd14. So im feeling quietly hopefull without trying to be TOO hopefull in the next 2 weeks im expecting the usual cramps and headaches and nausea and sore boobs and all the other confusing symptoms that come with it! Fun times! grin

BartBaby Wed 19-Jun-13 16:13:33

And muzzy i have read somewhere that it is possible to release 2 eggs in one month - therefore having 2 lh surges. So this could be a possibility?! But also i think that there is also some level of lh in our systems anyway so if the urine is particularly concentrated it can come up as a false positive. But i know that doesnt help work out which one is the right time! Having said that though the little fellas can live for upto 5 days at the right time so if you dtd on sunday, and ov today. You could still be in with a fighting chance. It only takes one grin

muzzy2011 Wed 19-Jun-13 17:33:15

Thanks bart...I'm pretty sure its now as got another smiley at lunchtime. The line underneath was very dark...I'm hoping to DTD tomorrow when DH is back might be just in time too...but yes Sundays is not impossible either! you have done well this month....fx!

fedupofrainydays Wed 19-Jun-13 18:06:21

Wow you ladies move quickly! I'm away for a few hours and a new thread has been sent up with loads of posts!
Being new to this, I've got to admit its great to find out there are others out there who are just as crazy as me. Think this one may top it - I had a nose bleed yesterday morning. I've only ever had two others in my life. Both when preggers with dc1. So of course I POAS 'just to check' that I'm not pregnant. How insane is that? I should also add that I'm at the tail end of af. Even crazier.

Muzzy - I heard this with opks quite a bit and it can be mega confusing. I would keep dtd'ing JIC. And reckon the swimmers from Sunday will still be kicking around too if you can't do it til tomorrow.

Bart - sounds like you have given it all this month so fx!

Abi and cool hand - I'm so impress with your self control. I would be POAS every hour (maybe not the ones when am sleeping)

Viking - I think that the spotting stopped is a good sign. And CM can mean pregnancy - although I didn't get it with either of mine. Everyone different though!

Welcome Sparkly - having a good rant / sharing loopy stories really helps deal with the disappointment, and sometimes having a laugh at my own insanity makes it oddly a bit more easy to cope with.

Sorry for the lack of embolding. Technical skills failing me whilst on the commuter slog train!!

mrscookie78 Wed 19-Jun-13 19:32:14

Muzzy, I have read ( I read way too much) that some people dont like clear blue as they have had inconsistencies with their sticks. I used amazon out of date cheapies. ( I bought them before lo) I started using them on day 13 around 2pm ish each day then wrote which day it was and photographed them to see them getting darker and conned my oh into doing smep. we dtd 2 days the week before and wed 22nd may the day before I had the strongest stick. by the sat the line had gone but a week later I poas ovulation stick anyway and had a line again. Bart is right we all have a certain level if lh in us anyway. have a look at ovulation stick images online and Google peoples opinions of the clear blue.
waffle over!!! grin

VikingLady Wed 19-Jun-13 20:49:14

I tried internet cheapie ovulation sticks when ttc DD, and they never once registered +. Clearly not accurate for me! If this cycle doesn't work for me I'm going to try temping. I'm already on B6.

Btw - I don't know if this will help anyone, but Asda sell B6 and folic acid much cheaper than anywhere else I've found them, and Poundworld near us is selling four pg tests for £1 (2 x double packs)!

mrscookie78 Wed 19-Jun-13 21:52:44

A lady I know who deals in fertility suggested temping to me, I managed it about 4 times as I forgot or had been up with lo and not had more than 3 hours sleep before he got up in the am. temping is supposed to be a really good way to pinpoint ovulation. grin

muzzy2011 Wed 19-Jun-13 21:57:51

Thanks ladles for all your advice....I really think I'm going to stop with the OPK's, I was enough of a nutjob before and this has really tipped me over the edge....I really can't handle analysing any more sticks!!

Hehe that made me chuckle fedup and something that I am sure I would do! I normally poas about 7dpo!

Tallalime Thu 20-Jun-13 00:47:37

Here you all are grin panic over.

Good luck abi and stone fingers crossed you get your bfp's.

Hello to everyone else, congratulations or commiserations where needed - sorry am crap at remembering who,s done what without the Fred in front of me and this one is all shiny and new blush

DH and I have totally failed at DTD every 2-3 days this month angry So roll on bloody AF (no pun intended)

fedupofrainydays Thu 20-Jun-13 07:42:52

My sister had her 'show' yesterday (she's expecting # 3) and admit I was jealous or possibly more just wished it was me. Jealous of a passing a gross mucus plug? Weirdo. She's on her way to hospital now and i had a little cry. Part of it is happiness she is giving my dc another lovely cousin and i obviously love my sister and her brood to bits but the other part wishes it was me (yes, even the horrifics of labour) and so sad I'm not any where near giving my dc a little sibling to play with. He loves babies too, so am finding it all a bit heartbreaking.

Awaiting my smiley face to do it all again this month....

Coolhand Thu 20-Jun-13 09:28:52

Fedup totally understandable reaction. Big hugs.

Abi good luck!

Bart that's pretty good going - hope the 2ww goes quickly!

Well, I am feeling more like myself today - have a sore head and little energy but as I haven't eaten in 36 hours, that's to be expected! Am 99.9% confident I am not pregnant - both times before (m/c and DS) knew well in advance - AF due this weekend and couldn't feel less pregnant! I head off on hols on Sat 29th, which if AF arrives when expected, will be d7-d14, so reck

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