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The Elderberry Gluckschmerzers who sausage wang between the Sofa of Pity and the Pouffe of Possibility  (thread 11) 

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Bunnygirlie Tue 18-Jun-13 08:30:55

Come and join us elderly TTCers on the Sofa of Pity (SoP), Rug of Rage (RoR), the Pouffe of Possibility (PoP) or the Chaise Lounge of Limbo (CLoL) whilst trying to avoid the BubbleBath of Gloom(BoG)!
The smallprint - Berries have a strict entrance criteria (TTC #1, over 30, TTC for 3+months, NO instadiffers, must have a special pot) and def no mention of baby dust or baby dancing UGH !!! Ooh we are strict...please note your house may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments lol

Bunnygirlie Tue 18-Jun-13 08:32:05

Barkingtreefrog - 34, cycle 20. Had HSG, next stop dildocam and FC appointment on 19th June.
Bunny - 33, cycle 14, CD1, hoping to be referred to FC this month,
Thunder - 34, cycle 14,mmc nov 2012, BFP due 15th July
Kuma - 38, cycle 6,
Tallyra - 33, ttc since 2009, 3mmc with hg, waiting for yucky internal scan to check there's no scars in there before going for it once again.
Happylass - 35, cycle 11. AF due June 30th. Been referred on by GP, waiting for 1st appointment at hospital.
Blindkitty - 33, cycle 24,tried clomid, had blood tests, had Hsg, dh had sa, waiting for iui to start aug/sept
Gillster - 39, cycle 16, HSG has revealed an endometrial polyp. Have appointment with 2nd consultant on 2 July.
boom, 31, month 13, mc last aug, hycosy today eeep. Then waiting for Gynae clinic appt on 1 July when they WILL tell me I've got pcos or else
Foodylicious - 33, ttc since nov 2011, 1mc May 2013. ttc again in couple months/after hols in Oz. 
Sidney - , 38, TTC since Jul 2012. BFP due 1 July. No known issues apart from impatience.
Aquarius - 32, ttc 14/15mths, no hint if bfp yet, suspected endo, previous depo user, hoping for dog if not baby

Sorry if I've missed you

Thundercatsarego Tue 18-Jun-13 09:13:28

Fantastic thread bunny! Not sure if I should be climbing aboard now or waiting but here I am.

I have brought the PoP and a bag of yellow bricks.

MrsB00Mbastic Tue 18-Jun-13 10:50:28

<falls off sausage shuttle clutching the RoR> woot I caught the shuttle!

<looks around approvingly>

Nice new thread bunny, I like what you've done with the place!

Brodicea Tue 18-Jun-13 10:59:08

Hello again all (I pop in and out!) - when you say special pot, do you mean a special pot to piss in for cheap OPKs and fruitless pregnancy test BFPs?
If so I fit the criteria!
Brodicea - 32 ttc since September 2012, no tests done yet but a history of shonky reproductive health.

BlindKitty Tue 18-Jun-13 13:48:43

That's right brodi, although I just use disposable cups! Well hello to our newest member!

bunny good job!

As if I need encouragement with poas! Bought 25 hpts a while back for £3.50. Got an email saying the company would like to send me another 10 for giving feedback!!!

Gillster Tue 18-Jun-13 14:49:10

Nice new thread Bunnie, FX for a lucky one. Had an enormous Cornish cream tea about 2 and a half hours ago and still feel pretty full/sick. It was pretty awesome though. How was dildocam Barking?

MrsB00Mbastic Tue 18-Jun-13 15:13:57

Hycosy all done. Took her hours of faffing about with three different speculums to find my cervix - if she can't find it how will those poor sperm ever manage?! First comment 'oh, polycystic ovaries'! Tubes both fine though, goody grin. Just got to wait to see consultant now then hopefully sweeties and resultant bfp!! Fingers crossed!

How did your dildocam/consultant appt go barking?

Hello again brodicea! Nice to have you back with us!

happylass Tue 18-Jun-13 17:37:29

Evening all. Just marking my spot on lovely new thread - thanks Bunny
Glad to hear your getting some answers Boom. Hope Barking's appt went well too. Just been out for early dinner with he girls from work. Off for a much needed power hour then I'll need to hit the gym after the amount I've just eaten.

BlindKitty Tue 18-Jun-13 17:57:03

boom at least you've got a diagnosis now so you've so something to work on.

Tmi but dying for a wee but banished from upstairs as dh on a phone interview! Can you believe this is his 5th interview for the same job!!! 6 if you include one where they aborted mission as the video-conferencing didn't work!

BlindKitty Tue 18-Jun-13 17:59:31

<tapping feet, waiting impatiently for barking to fill us in> whilst legs crossed as still need a wee

barkingtreefrog Tue 18-Jun-13 18:05:55

<kicks open the door, stomps through with nose in air and kicks it shut behind her. Stands with hands on hips until someone notices she is making a point >

Ok, so I read Bunny's instructions:
When this thread is full please form an orderly queue and board the shuttle.

So I did as I was told and carried on posting on the old thread. Only you lot had thrown the instructions out the window and waltzed over to this thread without me!! shock Leaving me there talking to myself again!!

Well just to serve you all right I'll copy my posts into here so you have to stumble over it all anyway <humph>.

Bunny I'm the same as boom I count the first sign of anything. I am sometimes ridiculously light all the way though so I could otherwise be recording 5 days of spotting, perhaps one day of nothing in the middle of it, and never AF, so I'd never start a new cycle!!

This cycle I am ignoring everything. I am not temping or pimping as I have no idea whether we'll be dtd again by shag week, the vit b6 appears to be having no effect all on my LP so that's still too short for anything to implant, and if I do get clomid tomorrow it'll be the evening of CD3 and probably too late to start taking it. So that's me out before I've started. How depressing.

Boom how was the hsg?

Gill thanks for the reassurance re my appointment tomorrow and sorry AF got you too sad .

And yes, I know Boom has already answered my question but I didn't know that as I was in the other thread all by myself and no-one was talking to me as you'd all left me. <flings herself dramatically on the sofa of pity and looks round to see if anyone is actually even there>

barkingtreefrog Tue 18-Jun-13 18:08:27

happy boom and kitty I'll update tomorrow when I've had the appointments!!!

Tallyra Tue 18-Jun-13 18:15:10

Hellooo. I'm here, I found the shuttle just before it left.
Just marking my place, back soon.

MrsB00Mbastic Tue 18-Jun-13 18:22:54

Bwahaha sorry barking didn't mean to switch the lights off on you! Here, have some of my cake, I'm rewarding myself for putting up with an hour of fanny furtling today, you're allowed some since you've got to have it tomorrow - jumped the gun a bit there, thought it was today!

kitty technically I don't have a diagnosis yet as doctors have to confirm it, but if they don't agree with me this time there will be hell to pay so I'm going to assume I'm getting diagnosed come July! GIMME SWEETIES!

Have you managed to have a wee yet? If not does it help at all if I mention running taps, waterfalls and fountains? <evil laugh>

Hi tally!

barkingtreefrog Tue 18-Jun-13 18:56:48

Cake? Oo, Ta very much Boom you're forgiven grin .

<returns to indignant pose in case anyone else feels the need to offer cake hmm >

IamKuma Tue 18-Jun-13 19:03:28

Evening Berries! Good to see a new thread with added Gluckschemtz grin

No relevant news today so going off slightly topic; I've had a really annoying day at work but currently resigning myself that I probably need to stay. It's no doubt been a topic on here before; I wanted to leave last year, but decided to stay on as we were going to buy a house and TTC; but 6 months down the line, no maternity leave required and same old sh*t at work. Anybody else in this limbo or have any of you decided to move jobs anyway?

boom glad you survived and had no negative reactions, FX for some helpful feedback from your GP.

Tallyra Tue 18-Jun-13 19:49:55

yes kuma I am in the same situation. work is crap and getting crappier, and I'm on pretty much minimum wage, but the thought that I will be able to get maternity pay (and sick pay as I'll almost definitely be hospitalised with hg for much of my preg) keeps me going for the moment. the people I work with are lovely but management is ridiculous and my job is being changed out of recognition right under my nose. plus, I'm worth more than this but can't work out how to improve things.

By the way, the literal translation of Gluckschmertz is luck pain... I love the German straightforwardness.

BlindKitty Tue 18-Jun-13 19:50:42

New people are just going to think we're mental you know, with the lingo and bizarre stories hmm

I don't actually know where 'the elderberry pavlovas' came from! Does anyone else? Or have the people who first made it up all graduated?

MrsB00Mbastic Tue 18-Jun-13 20:03:21

I presume 'elderberries' comes from all of us being golden oldies! But no idea about the pavlovas....anyone?

Off for an evening stroll in the sunshine with BoomDog. Think I got off very lightly with the hycosy, was expecting cramping and bleeding but actually I've had nothing and feel fine not that it's stopped me from pretending to be poorly and demanding that DH cooks dinner bwahaha

Bunnygirlie Tue 18-Jun-13 20:05:21

<throws open door> 

EVENING berries!!!!!!! Sorry I'm late, had to catch a later shuttle, I did bring macaroons though grin Hope you like the new decor!

Bad berries not following the rules and filling up the old thread first, hands out so I can slap your knuckles with a string of sausageswink

Hey brodi welcome back!

Ooh boom glad it went well today, and fanny furtling has to be one of the funniest phrases ever <guffaws>

Nowt new here today, CD1 or 2 I guess! DH will be pot jizzing tomorrow!

Bunnygirlie Tue 18-Jun-13 20:12:38

And elderberry pavlova comes from the term elderly primigravida which is a term for older mums, somebody thought it sounded like a pudding and the elderberries were born smile

SidneyBristow Tue 18-Jun-13 20:17:54

<moseys into the thread quietly, hoping barking doesn't throw something at her>

Hi berries, another day bites the dust eh? Boom great news on your exam, hours of vag investigations (invagigations?) sounds like an awesome way to spend an afternoon wink one step closer to an answer to your TTC woes! So happy for you.

Bunny I think there's some super techie formula to use on how to decide if Day 1 is actually Day 1...something about whether it starts in am or pm, the color of the discharge, etc. - I think I read it in the CBFM instructions manual? I'll check for you once I get up from the SoP

Kuma and Tally sorry about your job woes, here have a brew

Today has been shit for me; not even worth going into as it's all part & parcel of step family stuff and isn't likely to change. But what's just made me cry is an unexpected FB announcement. Remember me mentioning a cousin's loon of a wife, who claims to have gotten pg from 1x of DTD, the day her period ended? She's having a girl sad I thought I'd hidden her announcements so it took me completely off guard. It's shit to feel envious of the existence of children; I hate that about myself but I can't seem to make it stop.

In less pity-party news, FF has said I ovulated. Sorry for posting an incomplete chart, it was a newbie mistake! wink I'll do better next time, Miss please God let there not be a need for a next time, although FF is strangely addictive especially reading through the charts with pretty colors all in the OCD symptom section

BlindKitty Tue 18-Jun-13 20:46:14

boom tbf I think I milked the sympathy from dh post Hsg! You keep your feet up!

bunny omg I'm MASSIVELY impressed with your mn knowledge! Seeing as you know everything, where did the term 'instadiffer' come from?

sid ff is soooo addictive! I always thought charting was for those really obsessed people because I'm really not one of those people

Tallyra Tue 18-Jun-13 20:49:48

by the way, I have just found monty python and the holy grail on Netflix.... Yay!

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