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I'm 34 and been trying for 19 months

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dildoos Sun 16-Jun-13 19:58:25

Evening hyland, scream away my lovely would prob do some good with stress relieving! I keep thinking about a long weekend spa break for relaxation and stress relief!
Our men do worry about our mental sanity they can't understand that a baby is the only cure!
If you fancy joining my thread ttc #2 there are some lovely ladies like us ! I feel just chatting to ladies like me kinda makes me feel normal and normal means I can fall?! Do you know what I mean?smile
So your 2 week wait can you plan something nice for then xxx

Hyland Sun 16-Jun-13 10:42:27

I do feel obsessed with reading up on timing and ovulation and what not to do: no coffee or alcohol or tuna lol

I hated giving up coffee but found it really easy apart from the headaches from not drinking it at first lol

If my partner knew how stressed I get I would worry that he would be so concerned about my well being that he would demand we stop for a while, having said that he's clearly desperate for us to have a child aswell but we talk only so often on the subject when I'm upset coz we have failed again. He did Ask me to text him a reminder each months of those 6 days that are essential lol and that works for us lol and in fairness even a few months ago when I pissed him off about something silly he didn't let that get in the way of initiating dtd lol ( have to admit being grumpy with ur other half around that time, does make I think oh great so now it's not going to happen this month lol)

I think my partner is shocked it hasn't just happened... I did want us to try sometime ago but he said we should wait until we have bought a house etc, true to this 6 months after we had our house he said now we should try, unfortunately my fear was that the pill is said to take over a year to get out of ur system and my age has always worried me ( despite my mum having children in her 40's) I think at the time my partner thought I was just exaggerating ... Maybe I thought I was lol but seems I was right and worse still I'm such an inpatient person and yea like u I hate also this it will happen when it happen shi* .... And if its meant to be blah blah, I wanna scream lol

Hyland Sun 16-Jun-13 10:14:22

Ha ha I don't know what the abbreviations mean lol but I'm guessing this is what u mean lol

I'm 34 ( which scares me with all the stats about fertility when ur 35, which would be may next year)

Partner is 27 going on 40 lol ( I feel like the immature one most days lol)

Daughter is 10 (11 in August, from first marriage)

So yes I too worry a lot about what if I don't conceive and give my partner A bloodchild does that mean the end..... Can I take that away from him, by being with him.

The other stats ... Not sure lol perhaps u mean cycle is normally same day every month so I was due on ...on 12th but this month I came on early on the 6th ( so this will be the same now for next month)

Looks like I ovulate around the 18th day which is quite late by the sounds of what I have read and this should equate to next Sunday 23rd which would then leave me with the horrid 14 day wait

dildoos Sun 16-Jun-13 07:16:37

Whilst reading your post its like reading my own gringiggles hysterically that I now have a friend who actually understands!!!!!
Relax I get told! Are you bloody kidding? Everything happens for a reason? Really? To me every time? Grrrrrrrrr however I am not defeated yet I am not fat and I haven't started singing so this is not over yet!!! shock
So shall we have some stats here?

Dildoos 32- dp 30 going on 5 , dd 5, ttc # 26 , bfp 30/6/13

Well today I feel like we are going to get lucky!!

Hyland Sat 15-Jun-13 22:41:58

I don't know for certain but I believe I have miScarried 3 times but its so early I don't get to the 14 th day, tell a lie I did the first time no positive test result and started heavy clotting 3 days late

Nice to speak to someone who is the same desperate and mad lol

Yes my sister had her baby and my sister in law and now my other sister is pregnant lo

dildoos Sat 15-Jun-13 21:10:38

Hi ladies,
Hyland I am in the same boat only 32 and dd 5, however now 26th cycle and I am crazy insane, cannot get Ivf on nhs as have child, but everyone and their dog is falling pregnant my sister has fallen and given birth and my sis in law has done the same and now preg with2nd and I feel jealous and angry and sad and happy for her all at once! (Now that is mental grin) if you fancy a little company here to chat and swap tips and experiences!
My dp has low count I miscarry every time we have fallen which is 3 times in total . DD has a different partner and I am stressed I can't give dp a blood child confused!
Anyway hope we can bring each other luck I seem to do luck for everyone else except myself lol xxx

Hyland Sat 15-Jun-13 20:12:12

Thanks mrscookie78 I will give that a go

I have been dtd through the whole month, I just meant that efforts had been concentrated perhaps on the wrong days, therefore after so long without contraception I would have thought I would have just stumbled on the right day within all this time. I do pay attention to the days when the mucus is at its strongest but still no luck. Just lots of other woman at work they all magically get pregnant like their is something in the water ever since I first started lol, as steady stream of pregnant woman at my place of work. Anyone trying to stay positive and keep trying its the most relaxing environment to be in lol I'm joking of course.

mrscookie78 Sat 15-Jun-13 18:50:05

Have a read up online of smep, sperm meets egg plan and see if that helps? There are lots of apps you can use to chart your temperature and ovulation signs to help pinpoint the right time. There is only a short window each month to get pregnant but if you top your self up with sperm leading up to ovulation this may help as sperm can live upto 5 days according to some websites. good luck grin

2lilgirls Sat 15-Jun-13 14:33:18

Well in reality you've only been trying with 3 months! You've only been having sex at ovulation with 3 months. When you get a smiley face you should DTD (do the deed) for 3 days in a row, it will really increase your chances. Bear in mind the average time it takes most couples to conceive is 6 months.
Best of luck smile

Hyland Sat 15-Jun-13 10:46:49

I meant I don't drink or smoke

Hyland Sat 15-Jun-13 10:39:37

I work on sales so have a fairly stressful job anyway and my child is suppose to be attending secondary school in September and I have had to appeal and was unsuccessful .. I ready that coffee can decrease ur chances so considering I used to drink over 5 cups a day at work, I cut this out I'm the middle of April and don't drink anyway. I don't smoke not massively overweight... Don't know why I haven't just had an easy time with it all

EuroShaggleton Sat 15-Jun-13 10:31:19

Hi there. If you've been trying way to early for most of the time there has only be a chance for sperm to meet egg a handful of times.

If you want to get the ball rolling with testing, you could as you've technically been trying for over a year, but be aware, it's not a happy relaxing route!

Hyland Sat 15-Jun-13 10:24:29

To begin with I tried to be very relaxed and it will happen when it happens, during the first year of being semi aware of dates I tried to concentrate our efforts between the 9th day and the 14th. I believe I had one of these so called chemical pregnancies during this time. 5 months ago I used the ovulation sticks (which aren't easy to use) and getting that smiley face isn't easy ... Eventually I decided to keep testing until I got a smiley face rather than when the instructions recommend u test. This resulted in the smiley face appearing on the 18th day soooooo I thought ok well at least now I know that I ovulate a lot later than I thought. 3 months later and I'm still not pregnant but. But came on 6 days early and seemed to bleed a lot more. I do have a child who is 10 but am really struggling to stay sane .... The two week wait is torturous and gets worse everytime. And friends and family telling me to relax isn't any good ... I can relax if I fell pregnant. The not getting anywhere means everything I do revolves around trying. It consumes everything and in my every thought, I feel like a crazy a person lol

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