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ttc, day 35 and spotting

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popocatepetl Thu 13-Jun-13 12:26:44


Hope someone can offer some help. TTC number 2 and periods have gone all over the place!

Last month got positive on OPK on day 16 but then had sharp pains followed by a really really light period just 7 days later. This month I got a positive on day 16 again but that was 19 days ago. I took a pregnancy test last weekend which was negative and I've been spotting very slightly for 3 days but it's not going anywhere. Any thoughts?

I keep thinking I had a chemical pregnancy last month and that it all went wrong around implantation time which is what caused the light period. Might that be what happened? If so, is this month my body trying to right itself? So confused and feeling really negative as we had such difficulty getting pregnant last time and ended up on clomid, which isn't an option this time as can't get it on the NHS.


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