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Confused about when to do 'day 21' blood test

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Juhannus Tue 11-Jun-13 18:25:30

I hope someone can help I'm a bit confused.

I am on cycle 6 of trying to conceive. I've been using ovulation tests for the last 2 months. Last month I got a positive on day 15 of my cycle but this month I got a very early positive on day 6 shock I used the clear blue digital test for the first time.

I'm wondering should I have continued testing. I just did what it said and stopped testing as I had a smiley face confused

My cycle length varies between 26 and 31 days, the average being 29 days

Because of my age I'm 42 I have booked the day 2/3 and day 21 blood tests. I didn't know whether to book the test on 'day 21' or 7 days post ovulation which would have been day 14.

I tried researching on here but was still confused. I spoke to the receptionist at my surgery who spoke to the nurse. Her advice was to ignore the opk and just book the test for the 21st.

Do you think I have done the right thing?

RubySlippers77 Sun 21-Jul-13 19:44:48

Hi Juhannus - I've had my test results back and all was well grin I don't have the exact results, just an 'all satisfactory' from the GP, but I can get the specifics if I want. Now all I need is OH to come back from his weekend away.....!

It must be your day 3 blood test soon and your appointment not long after so I hope all goes well. I know my GP said the blood test results would take about a week to come through but I'm not sure if that's how long they take, because I had the tests done at the hospital rather than the surgery or because my local health authority isn't particularly speedy! So hopefully they will let you know that beforehand.

I'm finding the CBFM monitor quite useful by the way, usually it starts with High readings from around CD9 but I'm now up to CD13 and still Low; I think because I've been so busy over the last week or so that my body's been too stressed to OV!

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