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OPK experts needed - difference between CBFM and new CB dual sticks?

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AliBingo Mon 10-Jun-13 12:04:14

Do they do the same thing? Am confused! The new sticks promise to detect more high days, so are they just testing for the same thing as the CBFM or does the CBFM do anything more than that?


AliBingo Mon 10-Jun-13 16:19:53

Or has anyone tried the new sticks?

Bambi27 Mon 10-Jun-13 18:22:08

The new ones also detect a surge you get before the normal surge that is tested on normal test. (Two different hormones) I'm using the new test for first time and had flashing smiley face (when you are High fertility) for four days!! Hoping I get a fixed smiley (peak) soon!! Finding it a bit frustrating but never used any other opks so can't compare!!! Xx

AliBingo Mon 10-Jun-13 18:39:38

Ahh thanks Bambi and hope you get a peak soon.

Bambi27 Mon 10-Jun-13 18:44:51

No worries!! Me2!! Have you used opks b4?? X

AliBingo Mon 10-Jun-13 18:53:23

No but did have a cbfm which I can't find, doh!

Bambi27 Mon 10-Jun-13 19:00:58

I think the clear blue fm is very similar to new sticks!!! As my friend had it!! Xx

AliBingo Mon 10-Jun-13 19:09:28

If only I could find my CBFM I would ebay it, in that case - sticks seem easier than a machine.

AliBingo Mon 10-Jun-13 19:09:55

(Plus the cbfm doesnt have a smiley face lol.)

Bambi27 Mon 10-Jun-13 19:10:48

Rubbish!! Although quite expensive but they all are!!

blueamber Mon 10-Jun-13 19:17:59

The cbfm memorises your last 6 cycles and will therefore be more accurate. It will adapt the cycle days on which you'll use sticks, depending on the lenght of your cycles, so you might save on sticks although the monitor will be more expensive ( got mine for £30 on eBay). It will also remember what your high days are like hormone-wise and can more accurately give you your peak.

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