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The July BFP bus - all aboard the lucky number 7

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sleepingdragon Wed 05-Jun-13 12:41:34

Come join us on the July bus - with its assortment of good luck charms, lots of cake and hopefully a busload of BFPs.

Vikkijayne2507 Sat 06-Jul-13 09:56:51

Oh dear then I think I will turn into my aunts if im not careful they often joke (they are massively overweight am I a size 12 so not btw) they havnt seen their feet for years they had kids and boobs got really big, i was a 34d i dread to think what they will become well lets hope i hve uncomfortable boobs forever and have kids causing distraction so I wont notice the awkwardness smile.

Should it be first response test I should take on 24th tho or just a normal test does anything one think

lindamagoo Sat 06-Jul-13 10:00:27

Think FRER can tell you up to 6 days early smile

Tea1Sugar Sat 06-Jul-13 11:26:06

Hi all, wow this thread moves fast! Congrats to all the bfps! grin

Can someone answer a no-doubt already answered opk question please?

This is my first month off the pill. Last withdrawal bleed was 24/6. I began clearblue opk day 5 as no doubt my system is messed up from the pill.

Cd 9 and 11 dtd. Then yesterday morning (cd12) I had a negative, but at 6pm I had a fixed clearblue smiley so dtd again. This morning (cd13) it's negative again. I thought clearblue was suppose to show 2 fertile days or am I being seriously short changed here?! grinbrew

ChubbyKitty Sat 06-Jul-13 13:45:01

Tea - I have no idea but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you with my post. I don't know if some women ov really quickly though? Someone who knows better will come along shortlygrin

My boobs are now to the point where my clothes hurt. If I didn't have people coming round I'd be in my underwear all dayhmm could be AF though. Knowing my luck, the trend for my natural ones will forever be chronic boob ache.

Can I stay home from work for that..?wink

blueamber Sat 06-Jul-13 14:05:49

Tea, is that the advanced one, where you get flashing smilies and then a fixed one? I used that last month and with me I just got a fixed smiley for two days. It just had the smiley on for two days and then it switched off. But I am guessing that if it had done a new stick the next day it would have been negative as the surge can disappear in a day.

Tea1Sugar Sat 06-Jul-13 15:13:45

Blue, I don't think it's the advanced one. The leaflet doesn't mention flashing smilies. It's the pink digital test and I think the advanced one is purple? But tbh I thought they all flashed so that's kind of chilled me out a bit! We dtd days 6,9,11,12 (got smiley yesterday day 12) and will try get dp to dtd again tonight but he's knackered bless him!

blueamber Sat 06-Jul-13 17:12:27

Ah don't know how the pink one works smile

BartBaby Sat 06-Jul-13 19:07:31

I used the pink one last month and it doesnt have the flashing ones. Its just an empty circle for negative and then straight to a fixed smiley when the surge is detected. Some people can have short surges though so i wouldnt worry about just one.

I think the instructions say the surge will be within the next 12-36 hours after a positive. So if you are only testing once a day at the same time (every 24 hours) i can see how the surge can be missed sometimes if you only have a short surge

Tea1Sugar Sat 06-Jul-13 19:29:53

Thanks. As an after thought, I had loadssss of cm Thursday and Friday but virtually none today. I presume this ties in with the positive reading yesterday? Does that mean I've ovulated? Excuse the questions, dd was very much unplanned!

seatfor5 Sat 06-Jul-13 22:12:07

Congrates on all the BFPs fab smile

I am so crampy today not sure if its weather or symptoms! I am 11DPO today but got a BFN on a FR sad but am still not due until Friday if I do get caught by AF I will be going to the doctors as I have felt so terrible over the last few days really horrid back ache, cramps, shooting pains, really bloated, my boobs feel full and I could just taken them off they are so achy and sore and crutch pains!

Chubby I think I will join you and sit in just my undies lol!

seatfor5 Sat 06-Jul-13 22:21:36

Oh my brain I a, 10DPO and am due AF on Thursday!

ChubbyKitty Sat 06-Jul-13 23:20:19

Pants partygrin

SkylerRose Sun 07-Jul-13 02:26:31

I think I'm on way out too confused I tend to get really hungry and have serious moodswings/ depressive moments about a week before af due. No major hungry days but got really emotional fri morn and had a few bad mood swings at work today. Haven't been sleeping well tho for past 2 weeks. But that's to do with work I think. Trying to stay positive tho as I had noticeable ov pain this month for 1st time ever! Congrats on all the BFP!!!

Charingcrossbun Sun 07-Jul-13 08:32:07

Hi ladies, sorry to hitchhike but I've been too wimpy to climb aboard as I've had several "convinced this was it and 12 days late" then bfn. But my unlucky streak appears to have ended! clear Blue just gave me the full on Pregnant 1-2 weeks. Eek!!!!

Vikkijayne2507 Sun 07-Jul-13 08:44:55

Congrats Charing!! (throws some cake to her from back of the bus)

MummyPig24 Sun 07-Jul-13 08:52:10

I'm getting my hopes up, I promised myself I wouldn't! AF due on Wednesday and I have not had any pmt yet. Usually really cross and shouty but I've been feeling so happy but getting teary at the tv and things. Also still feeling totally shattered but that could be the heat.

Congrats Charing!

gillywillywoo Sun 07-Jul-13 09:05:28

Morning ladies! Feel like I haven't been on here properly for ages... I'm in London and its sooooo hot so I've been out in the sunshine for a change! smile Congrats on any new BFPs!

I'd given up hope but was continuing with OPKs just incase... Did one this morning and OMG... SMILEY FACE! Ejected the stick and 2 FAT LINES! Finally.. A positive OPK! grin
Good news for me although still annoyed... I'm on CD25 today so looks like another long cycle and was really thinking my cycles were starting to look normal.

Haven't dtd since Monday as DH has been on weird shifts and so have I (plus we were all shagged out and annoyed that I still hadnt had a positive OPK!) so will have to get cracking tonight, tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday! grin

gillywillywoo Sun 07-Jul-13 09:17:35

Passengers on board

BFPs so far

8 BFPs! smile

Awaiting BFPs
dildoos ttc#2, cycle25, bfp due 23rd June
Lavenderspink ttc#2, cycle2, bfp due 2nd
Minion ttc#1, cycle4, bfp due 2nd
SunshinedreamIng ttc#2, cycle2, bfp due 2nd
Monstamio ttc#1, cycle2, bfp due 2nd
Redbug ttc#3, cycle4, bfp due 4th
Londonchick ttc#1, cycle5, bfp due 4th
SomeDizzyWhore1804 ttc#1, cycle4, bfp due 5th
sleepingdragon ttc#1, cycle2, bfp due 5th
Somedaysoon74 ttc#1, cycle4, bfp due 5th
Ninunina ttc#2, cycle1, bfp due 6th
lovelygreen ttc#3, cycle2, bfp due 7th
badhairday76 ttc#2, cycle6, bfp due 7th
blueamber ttc#, cycle1, bfp due 1st week of July
Monkette ttc#1, cycle10, bfp due 8th
lindamagoo ttc#3, cycle2, bfp due 9th
ImaginaryHat ttc#1, cycle3, bfp due 9th
Fairypants ttc#3, cycle4, bfp due 9th
Captainmcgraw ttc#2, cycle8, bfp due 10th
ChubbyKitty ttc#1, cycle1, bfp due 10th
LauraSmurf ttc#2, cycle9, bfp due 10th
DisneyDiva87 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp due 11th
MummyPig24 ttc#3, cycle2, bfp due 11th
dprecious ttc#?, cycle?, bfp due 11th
JellyBeanDavey ttc#1, cycle1, bfp due 12th
cristabell ttc#1, cycle7, bfp due 12th
Seatfor5 ttc#4, cycle3, bfp due 12th
Isean ttc#1, cycle4, bfp due 13th
ThoraNomiki ttc#2, cycle2, bfp due mid month
katxdoll ttc#2,cycle 2, bfp due 14th
TeaAndANatter ttc#3, 1 cycle, 1 mmc, 1 cycle post mmc, bfp due 14th ish
FoxMulder ttc#1, cycle1, bfp due 15th
SprinTime26 ttc 2 cycle 3 due 15th july
poeia ttc#3, cycle2, bfp due 16th
LittleMissPear ttc#1, cycle2, bfp due 16th
IWantOneNow ttc#1, cycle12, bfp due 17th
panicmechanic ttc#2, cycle8, bfp due 17th
impatientlywaiting ttc#1, cycle2, bfp due 18th
SkylerRose ttc#1, cycle2, bfp due 18th
Luxlisbon82 ttc#3, cycle1, bfp due 19th
AliBingo ttc#2, cycle2, bfp due 19th
LeeHandy ttc#1, cycle8, bfp due 19th
Tea1Sugar ttc#2, cycle1, bfp due 21st
gillywillywoo ttc#1, cycle3, bfp due 22nd
Dumdeedumdeedum ttc#2, cycle1, bfp due 22nd
onelittlepiglet ttc#2, cycle3, bfp due 23rd
laptopgirl ttc#2, cycle2, bfp due 25th
PainAuxRaisins ttc#3, cycle1, bfp due 25th
Vikkijayne2507 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp due 27th
Fox82 ttc#1, cycle8, bfp due 28th
OdinsServant, ttc#1 cycle5, bfp due 28th
BartBaby ttc#2, cycle4, bfp due 29th
jellyandcake, ttc#2, cycle2, bfp due 31st
lj123, ttc appx 2years, 4mc, 1 ectopic, bfp due?
C999875 ttc#2, cycle4, bfp due?
Hannie1 ttc#?, cycle, bfp due?
catanddog ttc#3, cycle2, bfp due?
omama ttc#?, cycle?, bfp due?
armywag21 ttc#2, cycle6, bfp due?
PurpleGeekyGirl ttc#?, cycle?, bfp due?

gillywillywoo Sun 07-Jul-13 09:23:56



gillywillywoo Sun 07-Jul-13 09:25:47








LittleMachine Sun 07-Jul-13 09:26:18

That's great news Gilly! Get shagging. Have you tried Agnus Castus to regulate your cycles? It brought mine down from every 3-6+ months to a regular 6 week cycle.

I took it up to ovulation and then switched to vitamin B6 this cycle.

gillywillywoo Sun 07-Jul-13 09:28:47

No I haven't tried it... I'll look it up!
Going to see out this cycle and hope for a bfp obviously!

If no bfp then I will visit the doctor as I've been off the pill since December and my cycles are still very unpredictable.





ThoraNomiki Sun 07-Jul-13 21:51:30

<disobeys Gilly's orders and twirls around naked on empty bus>

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