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Calling Persona users...

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sorkycake Fri 26-May-06 17:51:59

I've stopped my mini pill 2 weks ago and I'm waiting for AF. I have a question...if I reset the monitor and pressed the 'm' button to cd5 which I think I've done before will I be able to chart O by poas when it tells me rather than wait for AF which could be gone for some time.
I'm just really impatient, I know, but if my cycle is returning then surely there's a chance that I could ovulate before I get AF iyswim, and the persona would pick that up wouldn't it. Plus the sticks you wee on are cheaper than OPK's.
Waddya think?

peachygirl Fri 26-May-06 21:10:27

if you look at the instruction sheet that comes with the sticks it says you must wait for at least two natural cycles before starting the machine. I don't know how reliable it might be if you don't wait , you may ovulate but the machine might not pick it up
why would you want to set it to day five? would you not set it for day one when you AF arrives?

sorkycake Fri 26-May-06 23:10:37

Well I suppose the fuzzy logic behind cd5 is what difference will it make? I usually get a request to poas at cd6 so I thought if I do O then I have 5 days more in which to catch it, iyswim. On second thoughts if there is no O & my cycle is not normalish this time around then the info. the machine stores for future cycles will be skew-wiff won't it.
Aargh! think I'll just have to wait.....which I'm not v good at.
Thanks for the reply peachy!

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