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Advice re OPK please-very early smiley face

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StrawberryMojito Sun 02-Jun-13 09:49:54

This is my second month using an OPK (clearblue digital that tells you when you are both high and peak fertility). Last month I didn't get a high fertility sign at all (flashing smiley face), it just went straight to peak fertility (fixed smiley face). This was on day 12 which was a couple of days earlier than expected but still seemed normal.

I only finished my period a couple of days ago but started using the opk straight away as my cycles vary a bit (26-30 days). Today (day 8) I got a high fertlity sign. Surely this is too early?

So, we had sex last night just for fun rather than baby making but now I'm thinking should we do it again tonight as I got the high (but not peak) fertility sign or shall we just start doing it every other day until I get the peak fertility smiley face. I don't want to exhaust DH and his swimmers but don't want to miss the window either.

Tea1Sugar Sun 08-Sep-13 08:40:40

I bet, Strawbs. When did you start ttc? Have you considered a month off just to let yourself recharge?

blamber Sun 08-Sep-13 15:34:24

Hi strawb, it's good that the GP has referred you. Hopefully they'll be able to find the problem and lengthen your LP.

Business, are you due a new procedure?

Tea, good luck! Must be tough being a teacher, especially in pregnancy.

I'm off to the GP I think as well, for something else - tingling in my legs and hands. No idea what this is all about, but it started a couple of days ago and it won't go away. I was taking 50mg of B6 a day, surely that can't be it? It's supposed to be a safe dose. I have stopped it now anyways.

businessadmin Sun 08-Sep-13 19:59:58

Ty tea & strawb x

Im gona try IUI again soon x

BNmum Sun 08-Sep-13 21:10:25

Hi ladies, I'm not giving up on any of you!

Sorry to hear that some of you are having a tough time of it lately.

It's good that the docs are proactive and referring you strawbs

Hi business I assumed that you were taking a bit of a break from the thread. How's things? What's the plan for this cycle?

I hope you start feeling better soon blamber, get yourself to the docs ASAP that doesn't sound great.

Being a teacher in the early stages of pregnancy must be hell tea, I'm not sure i would be able to cope. I need to snack and wee (not at the same time!) pretty much all day. How have you been feeling? When will you tell work about your pregnancy?

charleylarlie Mon 09-Sep-13 09:04:02

Hi Business. Nice to see you back smile. Good luck with the upcoming IUI - let us know how you get on.

Hope you get some answers from the GP, Blue. It sounds like it is probably caused by the B6, but that's not a good side effect.

Great that you might get some answers, Strawb. Even if the tests come back clear it's something you can rule out and at least you've got the ball rolling now.

Hope you get through the week in class not too badly, Tea. I remember from being pg with DS how awkward it can be. I work with the public and it was awful if I felt ill or dizzy in the middle of dealing with a lengthy query.

Has the ms eased off a bit yet BNmum? At least it won't go on much longer now if it hasn't.

Is Bambi still around?

How is everybody else?

Still waiting to hear about the house we're renting temporarily. Really hope we get a move in date soon. We've had to bow out of ttc this month too. I'm on cd10 now and neither of us felt like dtd this weekend. We were both too tired. Will be too late next weekend. Really hope we are settled by next month so that we can start ttc again. Must kick caffeine habit into touch in the meantime.

Missvaughan85 Mon 09-Sep-13 09:53:15

Morning ladies, hope all are well. BNmum and tea how are you both?? Blue and strawbs hope you both are holding up. I'm on cd11 and had a solid smiley face this morning. A little earlier than expected. But I'm only month two so still learning what my body is doing. Only stopped the pill a month ago and the hair on my face that it took away has started to come back again. Very quickly I thought. Thought the effects of the pill would still be in my system by obviously not. Fingers crossed for everyone this week x x

Missvaughan85 Mon 09-Sep-13 10:21:00

But of a strange one this morning ladies, I'm 7 days after last day of period. But about five mins ago, went for a wee, sorry if tmi but have some brownish coloured stuff as I wiped, has anyone every experienced this?? Thanks girls x

charleylarlie Mon 09-Sep-13 12:21:03

Hi MissV. That sounds promising! I had implantation bleeding with DS and it was just how you described - a couple of mornings when I wiped after going for a pee. Keep an eye on it though, but try not to symptom spot for other early signs, as I find it to be a v. slippery slope myself (hard, if not impossible, I know!). Keep us posted though. X

charleylarlie Mon 09-Sep-13 12:24:01

Apologies, MissV, I completely misread your post - I thought you were 7dpo, not 7 days past AF - doh! I think sometimes you can get a little bleeding associated with Ov though, so not necessarily anything to worry about, just keep an eye on it. X

Missvaughan85 Mon 09-Sep-13 14:45:30

Sorry Charlie, first post confused the second I know. And just looked at opk to out it away for tomorrow as I had left it out and it is a solid smiley. Which means peak. Cd6 same as last month. It's went straight to solid same as last month. Perhaps I just o straight away. No high fertility signs. Thought last month was early because of coming off pill, but this month sane day and sane result on opk. Perhaps the pill has come out of my system quicker than I thought. The hair coming back on my face so quickly is a sure sign. I'm just hoping my body and ttc reacts the same way!!

blamber Mon 09-Sep-13 16:12:02

missv, congrats on the fixed! Could indeed be ov bleeding. The pill goes out of your system really quickly, after a day or so, but it can sometimes take your body a while to start producing hormones again. Not in your case though! Perhaps the OPK for some reason doesn't pick up your oestrogen surge, but it doesn't matter because you do get a solid.

I'm wondering though, you said it was 7 days after the last day of your period, but also that it was cd6? Do you count cd1 as the first day of your period?

The tingling was gone this morning so I didn't call the doctor. It must have been the B6! Mad!

Missvaughan85 Mon 09-Sep-13 18:11:08

Sorry your right, it's day 6 for both months. I'm planning on ttc all week as last month I had severe o pains Thursday Friday which then disappeared Sunday so I think the solid smiley is a pre warning for me. But all week to keep it covered!! X x

BNmum Tue 10-Sep-13 16:15:16

Phew! blamber that must be a relief.

Sounds like ov bleeding missv especially as its coincided with your fixed. Great news, good luck!

I hope you get a date soon charley. I'm really impatient and would be going round the bend unless I got some answers quickly.

I'm still suffering from ms, although it is generally worse on an evening, and its showing no signs of going anywhere.

Missvaughan85 Tue 10-Sep-13 19:56:14

I had evening sickness BNmum, I was very grateful as I'm a hairdresser the thought of getting caught shirt whilst doing a client frightened the hell out of me. Especially in the early days when you don't want people to know just yet and you know the first thing they'll say is are you pregnant. Lol how are you otherwise???

What does the b6 do blamber?? Should it make your cycle longer?? Are you feeling better now you r stopped taking it?? X x x

blamber Tue 10-Sep-13 21:12:48

BNmum, oh no that must be rough! Hopefully if you feel better during the day now, the evening sickness will go down soon too.

Missv, I took the B6 to lengthen my luteal phase. It didn't work and then I got the side effects. I do feel better now I'm off it and will just let my cycle take its natural course. If it stays short, I'll ask the GP for proper meds. Sick of waiting though. These cycles take ages and I'm impatient!

Missvaughan85 Tue 10-Sep-13 22:32:09

What is that?? Sorry sounding thick now!! Lol it that how long your cycle is from first day of last period to last day before period?? I've never heard it called that before. The more I read that the more I sound thick. Lol well I'm glad your feeling better. It's awful how something that is meant to be good for you can give you such bad side effects!!! Doctors app are awful. I waited 9 months to see a specialist about my crazy man hormones!!! Then when I finally went to see one he was just such a big shit!!! Sorry to swear!!

What can the doctor five you instead of b6?? X x x

blamber Wed 11-Sep-13 09:19:22

It's the time between ovulation and your period. It should be at least 10 days and if it's too short, the lining of the cervix will shed before any egg has had time to implant.

I'm not sure what the GP could give, but if progesterone is too low he can give that, or clomid I think. If I have to go see him, I'm not waiting 9 months that's for sure!

kabgab Fri 13-Sep-13 15:50:41

Hi Business - How are you, and how are the IUI attempts going? I may ask to try IUI if nothing happens next cycle on the basic meds.

Trust all others on the thread are doing well ? Nothing exciting here re: TTC...I'm just waiting for AF to arrive (this cycle was "out" from the beginning for me due to that leftover follicle from last cycle)'s been a long month (when you know it's not a good TTC's CD29).....Also am trying to take a break from reading as many articles and news online about infertility and "secondary infertility" because it overwhelms a start fretting over things you can't really control or that aren't fully understood...sometimes the best thing and most positive thing we can do is hang on to Hope. So that's where I am...hope and trying not to over analyze.

This next cycle, I am going to give the OPKs another shot, although this time I think I'm going to buy a bunch of cheapies and test a couple times a day when I think I'm in that few day "window". Reason being, is that I'm not ovulating regularly, so I figure extra checks here and there may help me understand my body more.

BNmum Fri 13-Sep-13 20:34:20

Hi kabgab, I hope af turns up soon so you can crack on with the next cycle. I think when you are actively ttc it automatically puts you in a positive mood as you are actually doing something about it, it must have been so hard to know very on early that this was a 'no go cycle' but you seem to have the right attitude. I wish you lots of luck for the next cycle.

How's everyone else doing? The thread seems to have slowed right down recently sad

Missvaughan85 Fri 13-Sep-13 20:54:20

Hey ladies, hey kabgab, you do sound positive, as BNmum said, especially as you knew this month was a no go. I'm still using opk's using clearblue digital. Had my fixed smile straight away, no flashing as a warning. So I've tried to keep it covered and ttc day before and four days after. Feel like I'm on over kill now though. Hubby has been great but u suppose its still only early days for us so the stress hasn't really set in for him.

Kabgab can you just start as normal this next month after af?? How did you realise a follicle was left??

How are you BNmum?? Feeling good?? X x

kabgab Fri 13-Sep-13 20:57:46

Hi BNmum, Thanks! How are you feeling? Happy it's Friday for sure... I actually started spotting this afternoon so I expect AF to fully arrive by tomorrow (which is good so I can start a fresh cycle and get on with it)... I'm going for a scan in the morning to see if the follicle(s) have cleared. If not, then it will be hard to maintain a positive attitude...but at the end of everything, it's quite out of my hands. I'm not running out to purchase my OPKs until after tomorrow's appointment...fingers crossed.

How is everyone? Anyone in a hopefule 2ww? x

kabgab Fri 13-Sep-13 20:58:37


kabgab Fri 13-Sep-13 21:02:49

Hi MissV - good to hear from you! It sounds as if you have the ttc windows fully covered (and I know what you mean about the husband..sometimes I feel as if I'm check listing him all month..."it's time..again!" But hey, it's the least they can give, right? As for the leftover giant (and annoying) leftover follicle, I had a scan and the nurses saw it right away...I'm seeing a Fertility Dr so part of the process is monthly scans during certain cycle days. Tomorrow I go for another one to see if they have dissipated so I can "start clean". Good luck for you though, this sounds like you're having a great / normal cycle. Fingers crossed. x

Missvaughan85 Fri 13-Sep-13 22:17:47

Oh bless you, sounds like you've had a hell of a time. Yeh I'm lucky it's been normal so far, but I've didn't ttc with my first so this is all new. Sounds daft doesn't it. But I've never really listened to my body this closely before. I suppose most of us don't think we need to once we've had one. We think oh no.2 will come easily. The pill seems to of come out of my system quickly. It's just the facial hair is now starting to get me down again. I'm do aware of the hair in my chin I keep fiddling with it and its causing huge spots!!
As for hubby. I or should I say we were so tired last night. I was literally thinking, just get yourself to the point and let me know. But I felt cruel. After finishing an eleven hour shift it was the last thing on my mind!!

I'm so glad for you though that there keeping an eye on you. It must be a comfort knowing that they can see things happening that normally we can't. I hope you get the all clear and you can start afresh next month. I'm now on my 2ww so hopefully some good news then. I'm switching my mind off the symptom spotting as of today. That can drive you potty. Last month I was convinced I might be preggo, kept peeing all the time. Realised it was down to being hit in the salon so was drinking more!! Lol x x

kabgab Fri 13-Sep-13 23:50:37

MissV that was sooooo funny ("just get yourself to the point and let me know") I am still laughing!! I know exactly what you

I also know what you mean by symptom spotting..I was keeping this detailed journal every cycle, and would document everything....Last Christmas season, I swore I was pregnant (thought I had every symptom imaginable, including darker veins on my breasts, etc..) and was a few days late..but nope. I've chilled out a bit the past couple cycles with no journaling and I stopped OPK because it was adding frustration. But, (hopefully this next cycle if I get a green light tomorrow) I'm going to start OPKs again.

Fingers crossed for you during's so exciting, isn't it? Yay!! xx

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