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got a BFP but worried

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kaylasmum Fri 26-May-06 09:00:17


I eventually plucked up the courage to test 2 days ago and got a BFP within seconds, i've been feeling really excited about it but also a little worried as i've had 3 miscarriages in the past, 2 of which were missed mc's. I'm getting a little more worried now because for the last week my nipples have been extremely sensitive and sore but this morning they really don't seem to be so bad. I just can't help feeling that is a sign that my baby has died. I am a terrible worrier at the best of times but i can't understand why they would not be sore today. I still have one HPT left and am thinking about doing it, don't know if that would be a good indicator or not.

Has this happened to anyone else and if so have you went on to have a normal pregnancy. Would be grateful for any reassurance.



LadyTophamHatt Fri 26-May-06 09:08:16

Firstly, congratulations

I'm just over 7+2wks Pg and my symptons have been erratic to say the least.

It seems that one day I feel awful, the next I'm fine. My boobs only tingle sometimes, they never actually's abit of a roller coaster of symptons and worries.

Now... get youself over to our Due in Jan thread

bootsmonkey Fri 26-May-06 09:10:34

The tender nipple phase only lasted a couple of days with me and then disappeared completely, so I wouldn't read too deep into it fading. How far gone are you?? If you are worried then why not try for an appointment at the early pregnancy dept to see if you can get a scan?? I might be wrong, but I don't think testing again will help as your hormone levels will be high anyway?? I am sure someone else will be along soon with better/more advice! HTH

kaylasmum Fri 26-May-06 09:26:11

thanks for your replies,

I am about 6 weeks and was just so relieved when i got a positive as i have been trying for 9 months and was beginning to think it was'nt going to happen, especially as i'm 40 this year and i'v always fallen PG so quickly in the past. I know that i'm more at risk of MC aswell given my age.

I think i might contact my gp about an early scan though, i was given one with my last child as i'd miscarried before her. It was very reassuring. I promised myself that i would'nt get myself worked up about things this time round but that lasted all of a day!

Thanks again for your reassuring words, it does help.


LadyTophamHatt Fri 26-May-06 09:27:49

Here you go Tracey, come and join us. We can all worry together

Debbsy Sun 28-May-06 09:08:43

Tracey early on my symptoms come and go all the time best of luck hun xx

2Happy Sun 28-May-06 09:20:11

Tracey - I was waiting for you on your other thread! Thought it was bad news as you went all quiet - but it isn't! It's GREAT news congratulations I'm so pleased for you!I'm on the January thread too, and my symptoms have also been coming and going, I think it's quite normal early on. Congratulations again!

Angsthase Tue 30-May-06 09:42:12

Congratulations Kaylasmum! Try not to worry too much.

CaptainDippy Tue 30-May-06 10:37:07

I can only imagine how worried you must be, no direct advice, but thoughts and prayers are with you - I hope everything goes really well for you - and huge congratulations!!

Hopecat Tue 30-May-06 11:40:13

Conratulations kaylasmum! Put your feet up and think positive.

CaptainDippy Wed 31-May-06 08:25:04

How's it going today - Still thinking of you!!

kaylasmum Thu 01-Jun-06 11:06:29

I'm still feeling pretty much the same, the only symptoms i have are on and off queasiness and tiredness, its difficult for me not to worry but i really am trying to be relaxed. Just need to get an appointment with my GP and hopefully arrange an early scan for reassurance.


CaptainDippy Thu 01-Jun-06 11:45:48

Early scan sounds like a good idea - make a docs appointment soon!! Thinking of you still. xx

CaptainDippy Sat 03-Jun-06 09:18:54

How;s it going? Have you been to see GP yet? Thinking of you and your little bean!

kaylasmum Tue 06-Jun-06 15:13:29

Hi CaptainDippy,

I went to see my gp yesterday and she is pleased for me, She reassured me that i'm mot too old to be PG. She is going to arrange an early scan for me. I'm still feeling pretty sick for most of the day and have'nt got much of an appetite, but i'm glad to be feeling like this as i know that its meant to be a good sign, in fact my GP siad to me that it's a sign of a good pregnancy.

I'll let you know how my scan goes.


Cadmum Tue 06-Jun-06 15:17:46


I wanted to add that I have also had 3 miscarriages so I was REALLY nervous through the first 1/2 of my pg with DD2. There were times that I was CONVINCED that something had gone wrong because I would suddenly have no symptoms. She is now 3 months old!

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