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3 neg- go to doctor???

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joelsmama Thu 25-May-06 09:56:48

hi all
we are ttc no2
i am now at day 46! of a normwlly 30day cycle
done 3 clearblue digital tests all BFN
not sure if they could be wrong?? (any1 ever had a false neg with clearblue digi)
should i go doc's ang get blood test?

FirstNikki Fri 26-May-06 16:02:29

They could be a faulty batch, but if in doubt I would just nip to your drs and check it out with him. Hope they are faulty batches and you get your bfp

wannaBe1974 Fri 26-May-06 16:55:43


I would go to your gp, I don't want to dash your hopes though, but I've recently been through a similar experience, lots of pg simptoms, did several tests but all were bfn. I went to gp and even she said she thought I was pg and to do another test in two weeks, did that and it was still bfn. The hospital don't do blood tests for pregnancy unless an ectopic pregnancy is suspected, although your local hospital may be different, but even my gp didn't know this was the case and I actually had the blood test but hospital sent it back. Then did another test at gp which was negative, also had a thyroid function test and the next ttep was to be an ultrasound. My af arrived last weekend, just 5 weeks late.

I would go to your gp and take in a urine sample for them to do a test there, you should also have a thyroid function test as thyroid function can affect your periods. Also some of the simptoms of an overactive thyroid can be similar to those of pregnancy - increased appetite, nausia, dizzyness, constant tiredness.

I will keep my fingers crossed that you get your bfp, but will be brutally honest and say that given my recent experience I think it's probably unlikely.

MerlinsBeard Fri 26-May-06 17:03:58

i once had 56 days for a cycle and been normal since.

tq Tue 30-May-06 18:50:19

i had a neg result with clearblue digital and done another 10 days later and it was positive.

tq Tue 30-May-06 18:50:57

i had a neg result with clearblue digital and done another 10 days later and it was positive.

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