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Sperm meets egg plan. Come join me. Let's get the job done.

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Misspositivity Sat 25-May-13 21:16:41

Anyone else care to join me on a mission to get our eggs and sperm together. energy drinks and snacks required.
TTC #2 since Dec 2012. 2 mc and here I am still trying.

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sun 16-Jun-13 00:21:58

Brilliant news Jazzcat I'm so pleased for you flowers its wonderful to know that the SMEP works.

jazzcat28 Sat 15-Jun-13 21:52:03

Hi all just popping in to say keep at the plan - it worked for us as we got a BFP today!!

Laptopgirl Thu 13-Jun-13 06:07:41

Have fun at glasto accidental - you never know your luck winkwinkwinkwink xx

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Wed 12-Jun-13 14:26:18

True, I will also be ovulating while I'm there grin
I went into labour with my DS at Glastonbury 10 years ago this year so it would be perfect to conceive a baby there 10 years later total fantasy!

flohs Tue 11-Jun-13 23:32:02

Accidental - enjoying glasto is a BIG silver lining!

PurpleGeekyGirl Tue 11-Jun-13 20:25:29

Have a great time at glasto accidental. I have beat herder to look forward to if we are not successful.

Neg opks all round here today but more ewcm. Really hope dp is up for more loving later, it's exhausting me!!

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Tue 11-Jun-13 18:10:55

Ah flohs you're very reassuring smile I have absolutely zip pregnancy symptoms though sadly. It does mean I can enjoy Glastonbury later on this month though grin

flohs Tue 11-Jun-13 12:17:01

Ps accidental - probs too early for a bfp. The one time I was preggers I got a bfn then a bfp a few days later!

flohs Tue 11-Jun-13 12:16:08

So easy to crack isn't accidental. I have to keep my house stick free to stop myself. Trying really hard not to obsess on possible probably non-existent symptoms.... Why does time go soooo slowly in the two week wait!? Zzzzzzzz

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Tue 11-Jun-13 09:05:11

Gah! I'm crap. I'm not due AF until Thursday but tested this morning - BFN sad
Fortunately I've been obsessing less this month, which can only be a good thing when TTC turns out to be a longer term plan than anticipated!

Laptopgirl Mon 10-Jun-13 23:23:23

I have to say I've always found my clear blue monitor accurate I understand very sensitive so as it gets to know your cycle it requires less testing sticks.

No symptoms today.....

PurpleGeekyGirl Mon 10-Jun-13 14:36:57

The tww is so hard laptop! I never think I am going to survive it but of course you do...

I now have ewcm so maybe the cb was right after all.

Laptopgirl Mon 10-Jun-13 12:25:39

This 2ww malarky is a bit hard work! Im 'only' 5 days post OV. Guessing you say PO after your last peak on fertility monitor.

I have no idea I was even pregnant the three times I have concieved! No symptoms what so ever so why Im symptom watching I have noooo idea!

Sorry to read purple ringing helpline wasnt much help! :/

PurpleGeekyGirl Mon 10-Jun-13 11:23:58

Thanks. I rang the helpline this morning to query and they are adamant it's only positive because I had enough hormone in my wee. Still don't believe it lol. Cheapy opks are still showing neg. Dtd last night anyway and will keep doing so to cover all bases. Lucky dp wink good luck to everyone in the tww.

Misspositivity Sun 09-Jun-13 20:58:12

purple. Yes I got a false positive in clearblue advanced this month and the. It went positive again a few days later with all classic ovulation symptoms so think it is possible.

Well I am on 3dpo after a good effort at smep with 4 days in a row which nearly killed us. Going to test on the 18th. Trying to keep myself occupied.

How's everyone else get on. Think there is quite a few on 2ww

flohs Sun 09-Jun-13 18:52:44

Purple not sure.... I think so. I think it's easy to get false positives on any opk... Think it depends on the time of day when you tested? My opk's have been v odd this month so I'm a bit sceptical..... But probably my digital has been more accurate than superdrug ones.
Gilly that sounds like a good effort on the dtd and v similar to what we managed. Approaching one week into my two week wait.... Not feeling particularly hopeful. Your wait is nearly over? Dpo 9.... Got everything crossed for you.

PurpleGeekyGirl Sun 09-Jun-13 15:50:13

Hmmm! Currently cd6 and neg opk yesterday (with pm wee, and it states use FMU) whereas this morning I tested using FMU and got a strong positive for peak fertility... No fertile cm (yet, but I can feel its on its way). So can you get false positives with the cb? I did a cheapy opk too and that was a neg (faint line but the packet suggests that a positive has to be as strong as or stronger than the control, a feint but obvious line doesn't count!). Now feeling v confused but with DTD with dp later anyway and keep testing I guess. I was expecting a blinking smiley first in the lead up and then a smiley.

gillywillywoo Sun 09-Jun-13 12:50:34

Hi all.. smile

I'm just over halfway through the 2ww.. Attempted SMEP this month... Wasn't perfect but not bad for a first attempt!

Dtd on cd 10, 12, 14, 17, 20 and 21.

Got 2x positive clearblue digi OPKs on cd20. One first thing in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Couldn't dtd much more than that after the positive as I was working funny shifts.

Now cd30 so about 9dpo.

Waiting! smile

Laptopgirl Sun 09-Jun-13 10:43:21


I've posted on the 'other side' (pregnancy) if anyone is interested to follow. Asking for SMEP stories. Hopefully will be an interesting thread! smile

Laptopgirl Sat 08-Jun-13 22:49:18

Sorry accidental should if written full name! I love my monitor I feel it's pretty accurate and helps a lot with TTC.

Looked up yours purple seems to be the newer version of mine. Pleased you did it worthwhile.

PurpleGeekyGirl Sat 08-Jun-13 19:30:46

I've got the cb advanced digital ovulation one and tried it out today. Seems pretty simple to use. Cost me £21 on amazon for the test and 20 test sticks. As my mucus becomes more ew I am going to use cheapy ones alongside to see if they show a positive and if they do only use the cb when I think I am at peak or high fertility to save money.

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sat 08-Jun-13 10:09:02

I've just looked up CBFM laptopgirl and see that it stands for Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. Sounds like a good one, thank for the tip.

Laptopgirl Sat 08-Jun-13 08:50:02

Hi ladies!

I use CBFM and amazon cheapies 50 for by sure maybe 3/4 pounds.

My cycle is up and down as I apparently have 'pcos'. But using the CBFM is fab. I test cd 11 and then maybe 16 (use cheapies all cycle from 11) as I expect to ov between cd. 18/20 as soon as I get a high I keep testing got 3 days - I do it like this as a £1 a test stick starts to get a bit too pricey when TTC. I love my CBFM been a great assets to me - I know if I've ov'd or not it seems pretty accurate to me. This month I also took Agnus castus til ovulation and had reflexology two days before ovulation. Along with using sperm friendly 'conceive plus' from boots. So think I've covered all basis with TTC! When I include SMEP to the mix!

I'm 37 so feel age isn't on my side either and DH is 41. So really want to conceive in the next few months as I'm hoping to get baby number 3 in as well. But let's get BFP with number 2 first and cross that bridge another time! ;)

Has anyone read any stats on SMEP? Wondering on its success rate?

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Fri 07-Jun-13 19:08:22

I think I may have to invest in a decent OPK, can anyone recommend one? I don't live in the UK but I'll be coming over in a couple of weeks so can nip into a pharmacy.

flohs Fri 07-Jun-13 17:44:45

My OPKs showed positive for four days! Sometimes I'm really not sure about these sticks. They were superdrug ones. I did find it better last month with cb dig but then they are really not cheap!! Thank goodness it's Friday. And it's a night off the dtd tonight - phew.
Purple my cycle has definitely been wierd since mc... Only has a more normally timed AF last month and I miscarried in feb. it's frustrating but it will sort itself out. I too have heard really good things about acupuncture and am going to consider it soon if I dont make progress soon....

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