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Sperm meets egg plan. Come join me. Let's get the job done.

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Misspositivity Sat 25-May-13 21:16:41

Anyone else care to join me on a mission to get our eggs and sperm together. energy drinks and snacks required.
TTC #2 since Dec 2012. 2 mc and here I am still trying.

Misspositivity Tue 04-Jun-13 18:17:42

Well I may be back in the games. My weird peak at cd11 on clearblue went straight to neg and now I am getting a flashing smiley. Cd14 and ewcm. Think peak was a false surge if that's possible????? We are going to be busy the next 3-5 days then testing in two weeks jazzcat will keep u company on wait. Just hope my none plan filleting before high dosen't count is out.

accidental. I always say I will wait till period late then ending up testing from 10 DPo. Just can't help myself.

If AF comes I will be following plan to the letter next month.

flohs Tue 04-Jun-13 18:37:42

Hello. Would love to join. I've been trying 1 year but had a miscarriage in February. I've been trying SMEP. On the third night tonight and am exhausted. Bit low at the moment because all my friends have got pregnant straight away. So v nice to have people to talk to. Wish me luck for tonight... Not sure if we'll manage it!

flohs Tue 04-Jun-13 18:38:33

Ps first time for SMEP

flohs Tue 04-Jun-13 18:40:22

Jazz cat I'll be testing in a few weeks! Could do with tww friends!

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Tue 04-Jun-13 19:25:37

Welcome flohs
Good luck with the shagging.

jazzcat28 Tue 04-Jun-13 20:03:31

Ooh some stick peeing buddies smile looking forward to some crazy symptom spotting buddies over the next 2 weeks!

I've already started - I swear if I am pg that the egg is travelling down my right tube as we speak due to the sharp stabbing pains, and I have boobs which are feeling bruised and sore!

Squigglypig Tue 04-Jun-13 22:04:17

Well I'm due on 18th. My Opks still haven't turned up so I'm not strictly doing SMEP now, just every other day, although I had EWCM a few days ago so think I probably ovulated already.

I had said to my husbnd tht we'd have a go tonight but he's out a pub quiz and I have only just managed to get my very naughty 2.5 yr old to sleep (I hope) - think she's ready to drop her np but nursery are still giving her 2 hours a day. Anyway needless to say I am not feeling up to it. We did it last night so pfff.

I'm feelig a bit negative about it as my 21 day bloods showed my progesterone levels are on low side so doctor wnts me to test again. It's times like this I wish we'd tried for babies earlier (I'll be 37 come September). More pffff.

Laptopgirl Wed 05-Jun-13 00:18:34

Yay! Pleased to have some 2ww buddies! I thought I wasn't going to peak on my CBFM whih didn't worry me as I conceived ds on 'high' reading. So according to my app I should ov'd a day ago. Luckily I stuck to pos as I got a peak this afternoon. smilesmilesmilesmilesmile So dtd tonight, will tomorrow and Thursday then move to every other.... Is this correct??

Looking forward to symptom spotting ladies! smile

flohs Wed 05-Jun-13 07:30:27

That's right laptop girl. No luck here last night - DH has had enough. And said he felt like he was under too much pressure. So two nights out of three. Can't do it tonight either I don't think because I'm working. I'm really frustrated with him and finding it hard not to show him. Just don't think we'll have done enough. I really miss the days when I wasn't TTC. confused

Vikkijayne2507 Wed 05-Jun-13 07:46:28

Hello guys im brand new to the TTC club and still very confused about all the initials and nicknames. Im really sorry to here flohs that you are struggling i hope things can get easier. Im 27 this year and my partner is 32. Ive been on the pill since I was 14 I missed a pills this packet and so after some discussion we decided to go for it but I have no idea what my cycle is really like and if AF I have at the moment is accurate or just a reaction coming off pill too early so no clue about Ov date any help would be great.

jazzcat28 Wed 05-Jun-13 08:15:11

Hi vikki I was in a similar position to you. I came off the pill after 10 years in March. About 28 days later I had what I thought was AF. Then 2 weeks later I had a week of brown goo then what was my first AF the next week. I then got a positive ovulation test on Sunday, which was roughly 18 days (so CD18) after the first day of my last period. I think if you are an 'average' cycle then you should have roughly 28 days between periods and ovulate in the middle, so roughly 2 weeks after 1st day of your last period.

Hope this makes sense! There is a mumsnet acronyms list somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment...

flohs Wed 05-Jun-13 20:37:35

Hi Vikki.. I know all the acronyms can be intimidating to begin with! Hope you find the list jazz is talking about.

So have done it tonight successfully... So only missed one day of the plan I think.... Could be crucial but we've given it our best... Now the wait begins.

Vikkijayne2507 Thu 06-Jun-13 08:01:47

Cheers guys I did see the list I will dig it out and have a study of it. Jazz AF at the moment has turned into brown I guess I will have to wait and see what happens over the next month and keep an eye on length of cycle. Its really intresting to hear about others experiences so thanks guys.

jazzcat28 Thu 06-Jun-13 09:32:17

DH and I were both shattered last night so didn't manage to dtd. Guess I'm officially in my 2ww now, going to try and avoid peeing on sticks until Sat 22nd but in reality I'll probably cave and use some my my internet cheapies from about Mon 17th onwards

Today's symptom spot: crazy and amazingly vivid dreams every night since Monday. All involving friends children/babies.

flohs Thu 06-Jun-13 10:37:31

Me too Jazz.... I'm going to defo keep off the POAS until that weekend... We are away so I may try and wait till Monday but I doubt I'll manage it.... No symptoms this end other than cramps but i guess that's linked to ovulation....

Laptopgirl Fri 07-Jun-13 07:59:02

How you all doing ladies?

We are shattered! Don't think we ever dtd so much! So we dtd on the two peaks on my CBFM and then yesterday it was high we were just too tired so dtd this morning hope it won't effect our chances. I can't keep this plan up long term!! shock

Hope your all ok! How's symptom spotting going?? smile

flohs Fri 07-Jun-13 08:39:03

So with you Laptop, its exhausting! My stupid opk was still positive yesterday (it's been like that for four days!!!? - maybe slightly fainter) so we dtd again last night! Got to have a night off tonight. No symptoms here - still the cramps, which is weird, but I guess they're linked to ovulation.....

flohs Fri 07-Jun-13 08:40:00

Ps laptop - i've heard dtd in the morning is a really good thing for ttc!

PurpleGeekyGirl Fri 07-Jun-13 09:47:30

Hi, can I join in please? We've been not really ttc, but ttc since Sept '12 when I stopped taking the pill. Had a mc a few months ago and my cycle has been all over the place since (29 to 21 days, sigh). Have just shelled out and got a CB ovulation predictor, never used one before, but am not sure if/when I am ov tbh, despite tracking cm. Had a big baby chat a few days ago and are going to be properly ttc from this cycle. Am currently on cd4. I'm 39 and he's 40 so I am concerned we're both getting too old!

Having never used OPKs before, and always needing a wee in the night, am not sure about when is best to test? Some tests say afternoon, but the CB one says first urine after longest sleep. Given that I always need to wee in the night, and doing the test at 3am is NOT an option (!) can I save my wee to test a few hours later? Or is 3 hour wee enough?! Ugh, all these questions I never thought I'd have!!! I just want to track my cycle for a few months and see what's happening to it...

We're in a relatively new relationship (just under 2 years) so the dtd is still going strong, probably 2-4 times a week on average, but I'm not sure how he's going to react to the need for consecutive days on SMEP!

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Fri 07-Jun-13 10:06:57

Welcome PurpleGeekyGirl
My OPK recommends between 10am to 10pm but 2pm is the ideal testing time particularly if you hold off liquids for a couple of hours beforehand.

PurpleGeekyGirl Fri 07-Jun-13 12:08:42

Thanks accidental smile I've got some cheapy opks coming too, and will use those alongside the cb to see if they both agree!

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Fri 07-Jun-13 16:31:03

I'd be interested in your comparison. I'm only using the Internet cheapies and in 4 months I can't say I've seen a positive test. It may be that I'm not ovulating but I suspect that the tests are not as sensitive or as reliable as they are making out. I am getting a very sight difference in colour but they seem a bit crap really.

PurpleGeekyGirl Fri 07-Jun-13 16:48:24

That's what I thought... 50 tests for £8 seems too good to be true but I can't afford to just use the cb each month especially with such an erratic cycle. My mucus suggests I do get fertile and I've felt myself ovulate a few times before and after mc but I'm not certain it's happening all the time and my last cycle was very short and very weird. So far af on this seems to be back to 'normal' whatever that is shock
I'm supposed to start poas from sun.

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Fri 07-Jun-13 16:54:08

Sometimes acupuncture can help regulate cycles. Alternatively if its a fairly new thing and you are getting pain, you could have some Endometriosis. I've had a similar experience to you after one of my MMC and it was very frustrating!

flohs Fri 07-Jun-13 17:44:45

My OPKs showed positive for four days! Sometimes I'm really not sure about these sticks. They were superdrug ones. I did find it better last month with cb dig but then they are really not cheap!! Thank goodness it's Friday. And it's a night off the dtd tonight - phew.
Purple my cycle has definitely been wierd since mc... Only has a more normally timed AF last month and I miscarried in feb. it's frustrating but it will sort itself out. I too have heard really good things about acupuncture and am going to consider it soon if I dont make progress soon....

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