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some advice please? x

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auspan Thu 23-May-13 09:10:08

good morning all...this is my first post, so please be patient! I'm hoping for some advice. BF and I have been ttc for a few months, I was late last week, very excited, but we decided to wait a bit to do the test. on Friday (6 days late) I suddenly stated a very heavy bleed with cramps...only for it to stop completely on Saturday, then start again for a couple of hours on Sunday eve. I did a test on Monday after speaking with dr and it was +ive...she said it sounded like an early MC. I had another day of spotting on Monday, and a bit on tues, but nothing yest (or so far today) the Dr told me to do another test in a week, but I still feel preg, boobs are big and tender, and I'm so hungry and tired...any thoughts? Thanks x

willitbe Thu 23-May-13 10:28:26

It could be either way, bleeding in pregnancy happens, and does not necessarily mean the end of the pregnancy. It is just a case of wait and see really. It would be too early to scan you to get a definitive answer. An early pregnancy unit could do blood tests 48 hours apart and look to see if you hcg levels are rising or falling. The alternative is (being that it is early pregnancy) as the doctor says, to retest in a week and see if the test is still strongly positive or turned negative.

Symptoms are unfortunately nothing to say whether the pregnancy is continuing or not. With some of my miscarriages my pregnancy symptoms including nausea got worse as I was miscarrying, and with successful pregnancies I sometimes had no real symptoms in early pregnancy.

If you are feeling that waiting a week is too long (I know that feeling!), then you have two options: one is to go hassle the EPU (if they will accept a self-referral) for the blood tests, you will still have to wait out the 48 hours inbetween. A second, much less scientific, and less accurate, method would be to buy several cheap pregnancy tests (internet cheapies the best in terms of cost), and each morning test with FMU and see whether over the next few days the lines are getting lighter or darker. As I say this is very inaccurate, but over a few days will give the general trend.

So sorry you are going through this horrible time of being in limbo over whether you are still pregnant or miscarrying, it is not easy. For more help you can post on the miscarriage thread where many have been in the situation that you are in now, with both outcomes happening. I hope you get your answer soon.

auspan Thu 23-May-13 10:36:32

thanks willitbe.. so sorry to hear of your mc's too. it seems that 'waiting' is to be the theme of ttc and being pregnant...guess I should start getting used to being more patient! I really appreciate your advice, I am working until Sunday, so will try to hold out until Monday to do another test! on the bright side BF has been an amazing support, and at least, we know our 'stuff' works, which is the first hurdle.

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