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Freaking out

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Anderrobs Wed 22-May-13 23:15:51

Hi there,
First time on here and looking for advice.
My oh and I have been married since oct 12 and tTC since then. I was on cilest since 15 as my periods stopped for over a year having been regular as clockwork for 3 years. No investigations done as to why this was the case when I went on the pill. I can't help
But think that the doctor thought if solely was for contraception which it was not! we decided to start trying! Decision made over a bottle of wine and brought forward by 12 months. Having heard from two work friends also on cilest how they got pregnant within a month I thought it would be easy. It is now may 13 and although I know it hasn't been long I have not had a period since oct. I have done tests but all negative.

Basically after demanding a blood test (as we have been ttc for less than a year and my doctor is not very helpful) it shows my hormones are off! I am going for an internal on Friday which according to my doc will confirm pcos. My hubby is being amazing but I feel i am pushing him away. I'm 29 which i know if not old but i am tracking out about this examination and what it may show. Hubby is 25! I know I'm bejng irrational but feel he will go elsewhere if I can't have kids! Even though he never wanted kids until we met. He has confided in my best mate who then told me that he is worried about me pushing him away but I am so worried. Help!

babyrose Thu 23-May-13 08:49:59

Hi, I think you need to talk to your dh and tell him how you feel.

If you don't like your doc or surgery try changing? Maybe someone else could be a bit more helpful.
I'm sorry I can't give you anymore than that maybe someone else will come along with more experience or advice.

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