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Positive stories? IUI related.

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Saidar Wed 22-May-13 10:44:29


Just had our first fertility appointment. We have a lovely doctor and she took our history read our notes, and confirmed we're in the 2% chance of having another baby naturally (Our DS is from a previous relationship of mine). We were only expecting to be booked in for investigations, so when we were told we would be able to have some done today, would qualify for IUI and IVF if needed as per their policy we were over the moon.

Never expected to qualify for IVF. Devestated by the 2% chance, but so grateful that we qualified for IVF as we were warned IUI is also a low chance especially if the reasons for infertility remain undiagnosed.

Went off for some exams, sat in stirrups and feeling a bit breezy when our doctor came back in. Turns out she'd mis-read our notes and we wouldn't qualify for IVF (which to be honest is fair enough). She apologised, said it was all her fault but that we could still have all the investigations and IUI.

It was human error, I'm not complaining, shit happens. But I felt like someone had just snatched part of our chance. I know I need to suck it up and grateful for what we are getting.

But after the 2% chance, how little confidence they seem to have in IUI for us, the pain I'm in from the internals, I could really use some positivity. I have to be at work at 12 and I would be so appriciative for some positive stories, some hope, to help me fight back the tears.

Sorry for rambling.

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