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TTC following vasectomy reversal

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jasool Tue 23-May-06 17:29:14

Hi, I'm new here, and wondered if anyone is in a similar situation, or even better has had, or knows someone who has, any success getting pregnant following reversal of vasectomy many years(13!)after the inital op was done. We've been trying for almost a year with no luck. The initial tests after the reversal came back informing us that Sperm count was low, but may improve over time. I know the level of pregnancy successes is low following reversals, but wonder if any miracles do occur!

GarfieldsGirl Tue 23-May-06 17:51:55

Hiya, firstly good luck ttc

I was conceived following a vasectomy reversal.

My dad had the snip after my brother was born, he died following an accident a couple of years later, and my parents decided they wanted another. My dad had the reversal, and here I am!

The time from snip to reversal was obviously a lot less time than your DH's, but I was born only 18mths after my brother died.

Good Luck!

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