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TTC for 18 months plus, 2 MC...any advice?

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firemansamsmam Mon 20-May-13 18:43:23

I have one healthy 4 year old but have been TTC no 2 since August 2011. Had 1 MMC at 12 weeks almost exactly a year ago, and am just experiencing my 2nd MC at 6 weeks right now.

Can anyone advise me what I can do to help move things along? If I go to the doctor will they tell me that they can't do anything because I obviously can conceive? I hadn't told them I was pregnant so am tempted to keep my latest pregnancy under the radar so they will do investigations. But it seems wrong to lie to doctors!

Aside from medical intervention, does anyone have any advice on how to get my body back to normal? It took 4 months to get my period after the MMC and am scared its going to take the same again. Also interested in any fertility foods, vitamins etc... Clutching at straws but I just want to DO something.

Thanks in advance.

firemansamsmam Mon 20-May-13 20:46:47


Andcake Mon 20-May-13 21:53:05

Sorry for what's happening to you. The one thing I would say is telling the dr about the mc can be helpful after two I was referred to the recurrent mc clinic - it's meant to be 3 but I begged because of my age and lack of children.

firemansamsmam Mon 20-May-13 22:09:33

Ok, thanks. Doesn't seem right lying to the dr anyway. Its just so frustrating that this happens at the year mark when they said they could help.

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