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BFN this morning, ttc for a year now and off to the docs, what happens next?

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RaspberrysAndIcecream Sun 19-May-13 11:44:31

Just as the title says really!

I'm 29 (very nearly 30) & DH is 32. We've been TTC#1 for a year now and I was told by the doctor to come back after a year if we had no success.

We've already had some tests done about 3 months ago (my GP is very good and very pro active) Ive had the 21day blood test and an internal examination, which the results came back fine and dh has had sperm analysis done which also came back ok.

So what happens next?

This is beginning to get very depressing, each cycle ending with a BFN and AF appearing gets more upsetting every time sad

Gillster Sun 19-May-13 12:32:57

Hi Raspberrys if you go back to the GP then they should refer you to a consultant. Speaking from my own experience, at my first consultant's appointment, they went over my history, did an internal exam and took a couple of swabs of my cervix to check for infection (e.g. Chlamydia). A couple of weeks later I had an ultrasound to check ovaries and uterus. I have a Hycosy scan this week (to check my tubes) and a follow up appointment with the consultant in a month to discuss results and next steps. Hard to do ( I've been trying about 15 months) but try to stay positive. I'm sure things will happen soon and having the extra tests at least feels like progress. My ultrasound has revealed an endometrial polyp which may be preventing implantation and needs to removed. Hopefully this will quick. Good luck and don 't give up hope.

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