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Mirene coil

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jamtoast12 Sun 19-May-13 09:23:01


I have recently had the mirena coil fitted and now wander if I've made a huge mistake!!!!!!

I have always been on the pill and had no problems at all, regular cycles, bleeding etc but I am lazy taking it (forget regularly) so thought it get the coil as I'm 36 and not planning any more children.

However I have read lots of horror stories about it so seriously wish I'd not got it. In particular, I have a family history of thinning hair and mine is already very thin and I have recently read not only all the horror stories about hair loss but also that the mirena is bad for people like me who may have androgenic hair loss.

None of this was mentioned at the families planning who basically didnt offer any advice at all or give even general information.

It's only been about 10 days but I don't want it anymore!!, I'm worried about getting it out and what they may say. I asked for it but genuinely wasn't aware of all the issues with it so scared to ask them to take it out as I know its expensive etc?

Any advice please! Thanks

Catbert4pm Sun 19-May-13 09:32:32

I have one (fitted over a year ago) and have experienced no problems. Definitely better than life before it for me!

jamtoast12 Sun 19-May-13 09:41:20

Thanks for your reply!

I think that's my issue really is that I was perfectly fine before it but panicked when when I once again missed a couple of pills and so thought I must get something longer term. But physically I was great on the pill!

I am worried purely because of my hair situation. Online it says that the oestrogen in the pill helps combat genetic hair loss etc but the mirena doesn't have any plus it was one of the worst progesterones for hair loss and its this that worries me!

Feel so stupid for not researching before!

Sheila Sun 19-May-13 09:43:31

Hi Jam, I posted on here about the Mirena POSSIBLY being linked to hair loss so maybe it's my story you're thinking of?

I was told this by Philip Kingsley but it was an opinion based on anecdotal evidence not on any proper studies as far as I'm aware. Have you seen reports other than on MN?

The PK consultant also said the Mirena couldn't have caused my hair loss, which had probably already been going on for years, but might have increased it.

I decided to leave my Mirena in place, because it seemed too little evidence to make such a big decision , and so far (after the initial insertion and aftermath, which were admittedly grim) it's working well.

Can you go back to your GP and talk about this, and about your hair loss?

jamtoast12 Sun 19-May-13 09:55:10

It was the family planning who put it in so they literally ushered me in and out!

My hair loss is definitely hereditary, its diffuse all over and whilst not noticeable, I am very aware of it. Its been this way since i was 20. I am taking iron supplements etc for it but its a steady gradual decline which i suppose I've accepted.

There are several hair loss sites online and the one below in particular mentions the best or worst contraceptives for hereditary hair loss. The best ones they say are the ones which are anti androgenic? Eg cilest which I was on is like this but the mirena is the opposite and encourages androgenic activity apparently. Other sites say the progesterone is combined to the womb but with all the side affects listed by users online I am doubtful?

Just don't want to risk it if it may make it worse.

jamtoast12 Sun 19-May-13 10:14:24

I've just posted this in family planning too as I hadn't realised this was the conception thread - thought it said contraception!!.

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