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:( I want another baby!! But my partner doesn't! :(

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em0910 Thu 16-May-13 22:34:43

Hi everyone. Just would like to hear you experiences and how u got over wanting another baby if ur partner said no!
We have two girls but I Wud like another. I have always said I would like another child , my partner has been saying for three-four years now we can try next year then when the next year comes he's still not ready and says we will try next year!!!! He has now said that he doesn't want to have another child! I am so angry because I feel he has made the choice for me and has led me to believe we will have another child know full well we won't. I'm 25 he is 30 so there is a bit of an age difference. I dnt feel like I can give up my want and need for another baby! sad am I being unreasonable? Thanks x

Theironfistofarkus Thu 16-May-13 22:39:22

Hi Op. You are both still young and have time on your side. I would wait it out - he may well change his mind.

WannaBeAMommy Fri 17-May-13 11:33:45

Id wait hun. Having another child should be both your decisions. You still have your late twenties to convince him lol

flowerandrandd Mon 20-May-13 11:28:35

we are ttc number 3 my dd2 is 4 and it has taken that long for my dh to come round to the idea. I was very ill with dd2 and he took it hard which resulted in him struggling to bond with her. He is one of those men that thinks of all the negatives.

we had a discussion over dinner a few weeks ago and i basically said, 'we would never regret a third baby, only regret not having a 3rd baby..' did the trick, he has only given us 6 months though because i am 31 he is 36 and wants to be a young dad (another one of his hang ups)!

They have to be on board though because i have spent a good two years, begging, crying, emotionally blackmailing etc all to no avail... and to be honest if i do have another pregnancy which is tough the last thing i want to feel is that my dh is resenting having tried for a third x good luck x

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