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New and confused by pains!

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WannaBeAMommy Fri 17-May-13 10:43:16

Hey PinkPanter any news on AF?

Did you do a test yet?x

happypinkpanther Wed 15-May-13 16:01:59

Thank you, that really helps to hear someone else's experience xx

WannaBeAMommy Wed 15-May-13 11:48:12

Hey happypinkpanter. Its six weeks since I came off the pill.

TMI but I was completelly nervous the first time we dtd, just because it was making a baby. But the time after and after was REALLY into it. Was wetter than ive ever been...

Some people think its down to your sex drive as that can be a side affect of some pills. Your sex drive increases after coming off the pill.

But as you were thinking it could be ovulation too. That's what dp and I thought when it happened to us.

Sorry theres no answer there for you. Just didnt want ya to feel alone x

happypinkpanther Tue 14-May-13 07:23:13

Hi all

I'm new here as its my 1st month TTC, the forum is fab and been very insightful so far but I have a question over some strange pains...

It's my 1st month off pill but I was very regular before (10 years ago!) and we decided to get going right away (because of work contract concerns and I was so excited to finally make the leap!). Anyway I decided to plot my cycle on the clear blue app, even though it might not mean anything til I have my 1st proper AF. I did some OPKs and no positives, but missed the day before I was 'supposed' to ovulate because I couldn't pee (I have MS and sometimes this is a problem!). We DTD and the next day I had some EWCM, just a little then I had half a day of twinges in my lower right abdomen- like pulsating sharpness but wasn't terribly painful. I was excited because I thought 'whoop here comes ovulation!!' because I'd never felt it before with being on pill. I carried on with OPKs for a couple of days but none were positive. Ive had some odd flutterings in my uterus and a few pains but nothing prolonged.

2 days ago we DTD and i have never had so much wetness. Last night (9 days 'post-ov') I started having the same twinges again but not for very long and did a negative OPK. This morning I went the loo and had soooooo much EWCM its excessive! I've had no blood or anything.

I'm wondering if I've ovulated twice? I know I should just wait for AF to give me all the answers but I don't know what to make of all this CM!! confused

Thanks guys and lovely to meet you all! smile

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