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Short cycles and ttc

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AllBoxedUp Sun 12-May-13 08:32:08

Hello. I am currently TTC after a mc in March. Since DS1 my cycles have been 23 days and after a bit of googling I am now worried I have a short luteal phase. What do I need to do to find out. I am really worried about having another mc - just don't think I can cope with that. Is it worth going to the gp or should I get some sort of testing kit. Thanks.

happylass Sun 12-May-13 21:00:40

Are you certain that you have a short LP? ie do you know exactly when you OV? My cycles are only 25 days but my LP is 14 days as I OV on cd11.

AllBoxedUp Sun 12-May-13 21:28:00

Thanks for the reply. I'm not certain I have a short LP. I just have post-mc paranoia and thought it was maybe something I should check - my cycles were ~28 before DS1 so I find 23 days a bit unsettling. I didn't know exactly how you would do this but I've googled a bit more today and read things on here and think you would use the fertility monitors/sticks to find out when you ovulate and your LP is the number of days between then and AF. Is this right? Might give it a try next cycle and see - assuming I don't get a BFP before then lives in hope.

happylass Sun 12-May-13 21:39:37

Yes you can buy OV test sticks that will let you know that you're about to OV. You can get them really cheap from eBay or buy more expensive digital ones. You may find the digital ones easier when starting out as they give you a very clear yes or no. Also look out for other signs around OV such as OV pain and EWCM. You usually OV 12-48 hours after getting a positive on the OPK and yes the time between OV and AF is your LP. However, the only way to exactly pinpoint OV without a blood test is to chart your temperature. Hope this helps and good luck!

AllBoxedUp Sun 12-May-13 22:04:57

Thank you!

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