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Having come off the pill (4th cycle question)

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DonFendi Thu 09-May-13 08:47:15

I've continued to have very light af's (mostly just spotting!) for my first three cycles, but at the end of my 4th cycle I'm having the heaviest bleed of my life - it's almost frightening! A bright red too - usually it's just brown.

I've been wondering if this is just my first 'proper' period - indicating that last month was my first ovulation and hopefully I'm getting into a normal cycle now? I've heard that periods while you're on the pill aren't 'proper' bleeds, so perhaps this is just my first?

Has anybody else experienced this at all?


lisadolly75 Thu 09-May-13 14:31:38

hi! I have just had my 4th cycle too and was the heaviest too ( finished cerazette 2nd jan) but didn't have any cramps tho!
It was quite red too so I really hope its a normal one and things are settling down.
The length of time between them is getting shorter on the last two so thats good.
Gonna use the opk's from now to see when\ if I ovulate.

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