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Fed up :((

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Lisatay25 Tue 07-May-13 17:08:39

Currently ttc #3 on cd 30 my cycles range from 28 to 35 days tests still showing neg sad( just Poas and thought I seen a faint line but dh couldn't see anything sad( so doubt this is our month any1 else waiting for a bfp ?? Xxx

Tinkerbellefairy Tue 07-May-13 22:22:08

I'm fed up too! 3days before Af due had brown mucus going on (sorry tmi) which lasted 4days, tested day after Af was due and bfn. However still no actual blood so not sure whether to count that as Af. My cycles are usually 35days now on cd38 sad

Don't give up hope with your faint line I'm sure dh's just aren't very good at looking carefully- they need something obvious flashing at them at times!

Lisatay25 Tue 07-May-13 23:29:49

Aww I feel for u Hun sad( have u tested today might b worth a try cuz u never know xxxx

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