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hcg injection and pregnancy tests????

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coggy Fri 19-May-06 16:18:14

I have had a hcg injection on CD15 and wondered how long that would be in my body for.
The pg tests measure hcg to give a positive result (I'm sure?!) and obviously I don't want to test too early and it register the jab's hormone instead of a true reading.

It prob won't matter this month as AF feels likely anyday now, but I would be very interested if anyone knows for other months.

Sorry - a bit waffly!!

wendy11 Fri 19-May-06 18:19:21


I have had hcg injections several times for IUI and IVF treatment.

On my last cycle I had the hcg jab on a Tuesday night, egg collection on a Thursday, embryos replaced on a Sunday and I was told to test 2 weeks from the Sunday, but I know of people on an IVF board who have had a positive result 9 days post transfer so essentially 11/12 days post egg collection or in your case ovulation. It is generally recommended that you wait at least 9/10 days from the hcg jab before testing. That has probably totally confused you but:

If you are really keen and have a stack of cheap pg tests you can test from the day after the hcg jab and you will see the second line getting fainter as the hcg wears out of your body and then if you are really lucky you will see the line reappear and you will know that you are pg!!

Take care and I hope af stays aways for you.

coggy Fri 19-May-06 18:58:21

Thanks's so cool to come on here and get all of your queries answered.

I will wait 'til CD28 (if I get that far) and then as I had the jab CD15 that'll be no problem.

Didn't want the excitment if the test was recognising hcg from the injection.

Thank you.

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