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Can we donate embryos to someone we know?

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UpYaKilt Mon 06-May-13 17:18:25

Hi there

We have been very lucky and conceived a now rampaging 2 yo on our third cycle of ICSI. We had 2 embryos frozen during the same cycle, which we are now certain we don't want to use and would like to give to others TTC rather than for research.
I've had a look at the rules for embryo donation and I would have been too old by about 6 months during the production cycle to donate via the standard scheme.
We were also thinking about friends who have also been TTC for a long time and wondering about offering them the embryos. Can we do this as a private donation? How would this work? I've had a trawl through various donation sites and can't really find much information.

Any information gratefully received. Thanks very much.

freelancescientist Mon 06-May-13 18:09:17

I'm sure you can donate them if your friends want them. You would all need to undergo counselling and you and your partner would have to have more blood tests and maybe also chromosomal checks if these weren't done at the time of your ICSI.
In the first instance approach the clinic where your embryos are stored - legally there is no reason you cannot donate your embryos as long as you both agree and they were created using your eggs and your partner's sperm.
The couple you are offering them to may need to sign a waiver thingy saying they are aware that you are over the age recommended for donation but certainly at my clinic this wouldn't be a bar to using the embryos for a known recipient.

UpYaKilt Mon 06-May-13 22:39:41

That's great, thank you. Have arranged a clinic appointment so will see what they say.

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