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10 days late but on nexplanon

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aliibabbs Sun 05-May-13 14:30:32

Hi, just looking for a bit of advice really. I am new to this site so hope I am doing this right.
I have been on nexplanon for a year n a half now after the birth of my 2ND child. At first AF paid a visit twice a month for nearly a year then went to usual 1 a month but this month does not want to make an appearance! I am 10 days late and done a few tests which were negative. I have researched a bit though and have found people to fall pregnant and when they have done a test it's negative. I have back ache and I am extremely tired but I have woke up today aching from head to toe so think I am coming down with something. I was just wondering if anyone could give any advice? All I have found on internet about women in the same situation are from years ago, nothing recent at all.
I will go gp Tuesday I think but don't want to make a fool of myself
Many Thanks

aliibabbs Tue 07-May-13 09:15:06

12 days late now, of to doctors in an hour, hopefully will get some answers x

Iona1651 Tue 07-May-13 13:45:18

Hi. What did your GP say? I'm 12 days late too but negative tests keep coming. Had severe pains in left and right ovary area on Fri 26 April and severe headache Sat 27 April afternoon. Going for a scan tomorrow afternoon as had a cycst March 2012 followed by a mc. Had continual pains since last year but April this year was the worst by far. Last year I had a positive test very early on but this month nothing - no idea why. Keep smiling - I know it's difficult - hope everything is ok for you. xx

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