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so I saw my GP...

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lowra Sun 05-May-13 11:50:39

After trying for DC2 for a year. He drew an alarming graph that showed how my fertility had dropped off a cliff at 36 and said it was convinced the problem was my age. OK prepared to accept he may have a point.
However he also told me not to bother with opks and to make sure we have sex on day 14, as it is the first half of the cycle that is fixed. This is a contradiction to everything I've read and I'm fairly convinced I tend to ovulate between days 18 and 21 having a longish cycle.
He is going to do a test at day 20 to check my hormone levels but I'm wondering if this will work if I'm not actually ovulating until around this time or later.
I came out the docs feeling quite pessimistic and of course DH took everything he said as gospel as a real doctor surely knows more than doctor Google hmm

Tigglettchic Sun 05-May-13 12:03:41

oh dear, he clearly doesn't ov!!! sounds like he likes to read and had no issues conceiving!!!!!

try a female gp?

pma, there was a 75yrold mother a while ago wasn't there!!!

just dtd a lot and get a 2nd opinion possibly froma gp who ov's :-)!!!

Champagnebubble Sun 05-May-13 12:30:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Withalittlesparkle Sun 05-May-13 12:55:05

Doesn't sound like anything I've ever been told either!

Def seek a second opinion, although I wouldn't get too hung up on finding a female one!

HadALittleFaithBaby Sun 05-May-13 14:07:07

How long has he been trained for? Sounds like his knowledge is out of date!

Yes your fertility can start to decline after 35 but its not overnight! Totally disagree about his notion of ovulation. There's no set day! Personally I ovulate between day 11 and 13 generally. Sex wise it's best to do it three times a week, every week to increase the liklihood of hitting ovulation. Your progesterone should ideally be taken 7 days after you ovulate so doing it on CD20 may be too early. I'd see another GP if I were you. Good luck!

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