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Can you have fertility treatment without a partner?

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astheworldfallsdown Thu 02-May-13 13:45:48

I have a question: hypothetically, can someone have fertility treatment without their spouse/partner, if they are in the process of separating from them? I wasn't expecting to be planning on separating when I spoke to the GP about booking in for fertility treatment again, and now everything is happening at once!

Can I still go ahead whilst separating or do I need to cancel and then rebook at a later time? Thanks flowers

NewPerspective Thu 02-May-13 18:08:19

It's a complicated issue that comes down to factors including "where you live", "who's sperm you want to use" and "does he know"?

If it's his sperm, and he knows and objects before you do it... then no.

If it's his sperm, and he knows and objects AFTER you do it... then the legal sh*tstorm would be frontpage news.

If it's someone else's sperm... then no reason why not.

BUT, if you live in one of the areas of the country that ration attempts (like Nottingham), then you'll burn your one chance now, and if in 2 years time, you're with a fantastic guy, you may have to explain that you used your attempt up in a previous relationship, and can never try with him (unless you/he are willing to sell a kidney/remortgage a house/rob a bank).

barkingtreefrog Thu 02-May-13 19:03:09

You wouldn't be able to where I live unless you're going private. All my fertility appointments at the clinic (and the one at the gp to get referred) have been both of us, and it's been made clear that we should both turn up. If an appointment hadn't been convenient for my DP we would have had to rebook.
You don't say what stage you're at though.

astheworldfallsdown Fri 03-May-13 18:48:23

Thanks, I am not intending on using his sperm. I will let the clinic know the situation on Monday and see what they say. My first cycle of treatment failed, and I took a break from it due to stress (my DM died very suddenly). So I am starting again from the beginning (second cycle of ICSI, have two more left after this, plus one attempt at IVF). I may have PCOS: the first doctor I saw said that I did, then the second doctor said that I didn't confused and then they lost my notes...arghhh!

As to future relationships, um never going there again, tbh. Fingers well and truly burnt: I am staying single from now on! I may occasionally date, but I won't commit to another long term relationship. But that's a whole other thread in itself.

Thanks again x

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