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I'm 37 this year, and still haven't been blessed with a child

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halfbreedxx Thu 02-May-13 13:18:28

I'm 37 this year, and still haven't been blessed with a child,just really stresses me,the most blessed most natural thing on this earth only uz women can do,and it's just god damn typical that i can't do it,i've never been on the pill, been with my man now for nearly ten years,my man also has no children,and is also concern as to why he's never fathered a child, my mum reckons i might just need a DNC,but says i should get it checked out before it's too late, i know she's right i do need to get it checked out but just abit scared that i've left it too late before gettin it checked on that what ever the problem was can't be treated now,and i'm told i'll never beable to av children

Sillyshell Thu 02-May-13 13:22:28

Oh Half, I feel your pain. I'm 37 too and have been trying for nearly 3 years, we have had one failed IVF and are about to start the next round.

There is a reason why we cant have children naturally but your mum is right you do need to go and find out. The chances are there is nothing wrong with either of you but if there is they can do so much now days that you might just need a little bit of help.

EuroShaggleton Thu 02-May-13 13:46:08

How long have you been trying? If it's over a year you should definitely start pushing for tests for both of you.

I'm in a similar position - already 37 though and been with Mr euro for 10 years, ttc for 2.5 years. No child yet. A D and C is not a standard fertility treatment, btw.

buzzybee123 Thu 02-May-13 23:29:03

a DNC shock what on earth for???? As euro said you need to see your GP so you can both have tests, they usually start with blood tests and your partner will need to give an SA, depending on the results and where you live will determine what will happen next

I fell pregnant first time trying at 38 sadly miscarried so I don't personally feel its about age, i'm 40 now and still trying for my first baby

as for the DNC, I had one after my second miscarriage and they managed to perforate my uterus, luckily they missed my bowels hmm haven't been able to get pregnant since

maybemyrtle Sat 04-May-13 13:39:36

I'm 37 this year and yet to become a mother too, painful isn't it. We've had 2 mcs, last one was March last year. Since then we've failed to conceive sad

Definitely urge you to get tested asap, could be something really easily dealt with. Best of luck x

BlindKitty Sat 04-May-13 13:45:52

DEFO get tested!!! What if its just as simple as a course of clomid????! Best of luck x

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