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how did you know the time was right to ttc your next DC?

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enormouse Thu 02-May-13 11:47:52

How did you decide the time was right to start trying for your next child?
Is there just something that clicks? Did you have a specific family size in mind or other factors in mind?

After much discussion and talking to other parents, DP and I have come to the conclusion that no time would be considered completely and absolutely 'perfect' (there would always be a niggle) and have decided to take a relaxed 'let's see what happens approach'. I'm interested in hearing how other mumsnetters decided it was the time to add to their family.

Holfin Thu 02-May-13 12:31:54

We always thought we'd like 2 children. DC1 took a year of TTC so we started trying when DC1 was 9 months old thinking we'd see what happens. I fell first month shock so we figured it was meant to be smile

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