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Lack of ovulation

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Natty1806 Thu 18-May-06 13:58:06

Hi All

Feeling really down today, since starting doctors tests at end of Feb i feel as though i am getting now where. Rang the fertlity clinic today as i have been told i will be put on the waiting list and it is roughly an 8 week wait to get an appointment. I mean once i have got an appointment i do not know how long they will take to give me clomid (which is what doc has said i need) and as my periods are around 8 weeks apart you can bet your life on it that i will they will give it me just after AF has finished so i would have to wait another 8 weeks to start it.

My friend had her baby yesterday which just makes me want to have one now and cry about the fact that i am not sure when or if i will ever get to have one.

Sorry rant over.... sure some of you know what its like though.

Onwards and upwards i am going to start taking epo as suggested by you other mn'ers and have e-mailed the local practice that does acupunture and will start that in a few weeks. I am also trying to eat more fruit and veg etc and get really healthy as maybe that will help - what do you think? I am going to bd more and try and think positive as much as i can.

Sorry if i have gone on......back to work now. x

UglySister Thu 18-May-06 14:05:27

Do stay positive, I´m sure it makes a big difference. My gyno told me a few years ago it would be unlikely that I would ever get pregnant. My periods are up to 3 months apart. We gave it a go when I knew I was ovulating and guess what, preggas first time! Don´t give up hope! Is your DP doing everything he can re his health, boxer shorts etc?

Natty1806 Thu 18-May-06 14:17:52

Thanks, DP has had his tests and everthing is fine. Except i would like him to cut down on the smoking and drinking but as his tests came back okay he won't change as he thinks everything is fine with hime - typical man.

Hopecat Thu 18-May-06 15:30:51

Hey Natty - show him this .

If you're having to go through clinic visits and possibly start taking clomid, the least he can do is give up smoking and cut down on alcohol. Smoking leads to more abnormal sperm, therefore leading to increased risk of miscarriage as if you conceive with an abnormal sperm your body is likely to reject the baby.

Alcohol lowers testosterone and sperm count. Even if he's had a good test result, improving his sperm count and motility can't hurt.

Natty1806 Thu 18-May-06 18:33:13

I didn't know that - scary stuff!! i best have a little word in his ear.

Hopecat Thu 18-May-06 19:26:20

Good luck!

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