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sterilisation reversal on NHS ....

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barberburd Wed 01-May-13 17:27:33

Hi everyone, ive not posted on here very much so i`ll say sorry now for any wrongs I do .
I would just like everyone to know that after much deliberation and saving I had my sterilisation reversal done on NHS just a week and a half ago ( fri 19th ) .
I have read loads of posts about the NHS charging for it now and also some womens fears about the operation .... i was one of them and TAADAAA I did it !
I`m off work now for 4-6 weeks, I cant drive my car OR much to my upset walk up the hills with my dogs ( cry ) however if it means my stitches are kept intact then i`ll do it !!
I`m feeling quite lucky ( for a change ) as my husband took a week off to look after me and somebody else does the hoovering for me now too ! I think i`ll milk this as long as I can lol .
I`m more than happy to answer any questions anybody has ( within reason obviously ).
I wont be going far as ive turned into a daytime telly watching couch potato for the next few weeks at least ... xx

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