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Waiting to ttc.... 2nd slightly pointless thread!

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Leafmould Tue 30-Apr-13 19:45:21

Loveyouforevermybaby  , OP, due August.
Winterpansy , due beginning January
Possibly some more, including Bridget and the hairy brigands , but we need people to report back with these details!

Zen nudist age 34 ttc #2 April/may?
caramal ttc#2 hopefully April.
orbis non sufficit age 35 ttc#1 April 
horseygirl1  ttc#2
moominlike age 32 ttc#1
Frizz1986 ttc#1
MrsHuxtable , age 29, ttc#2 April
Maybe again ttc#3
Fairy pants ttc#3 
Johnand kymberley ttc#1 

definately sometime age 30 ttc#1 May.
toomuchlaptop age 36 ttc#2
kate Beckett ttc#1
Suddenly squeamish  ttc#1 after house move.
Miss calamity , age 33 ttc#2 when oh ready.

In a few months/later in the year
sorelip ttc#2
Ginger and cocoa , ttc#1 when dh ready
Pizza queen ttc#2 when dp ready

popsicle1984 age 28 ttc#1

painted cat age 22 ttc #1
iwish age 27 ttc#2

part1 ttc#2 
Tranquilitybaby ttc#2 on hols in Mexico!

Porridge with almond milk

twojackrussellsandababy ttc#2
Jetblack61 ttc#1 after hols in Australia, age 28
Don't squeeze the tea bag  ttc#1 after a wedding and a new bathroom.
Alohomora , age 31 ttc1 after wedding party in June and in time for summer baby!
Visualise a horse , ttc#2 when dc1 is 18 months

November 2013
waiting 2wait2wait

December 2013

Mid 2014

September2014 (or2015)
madamelebean ttc #2

End 2014

June 2015

Indefinite or vague
witchesbrew&biscuits ttc#2
lindamagoo 41 ttc #3
Happygolucky in oz age 29 ttc#1 when partner back in work.
leafmould age 35 ttc#3 when partner ready.....

mrsmugoo Mon 15-Dec-14 16:27:17

Please add me!

Waiting until May to TTC #2 - I have a 9 month old that I'm still breastfeeding but have had my 2nd period now that was 28 days after my first so I've started charting again.

I'm so excited to actually do the "trying" - last time was a (very) happy accident. I never even got to take a test - it was picked up in a blood test. I'm dying to POAS!

Leafmould Sun 14-Dec-14 20:06:42


Also shamelessly resurrecting thread to find out how everyone is getting on!

Have just read back the last page, remembering those difficult times, waiting, and in my case splitting up....

Well turns out for me I got really lucky with a wonderful new partner an I am actually pg! So just wanted to share On here in case there were any others who had waited and waited and then split up.... It can happen for the best!

Hope that everyone is doing well with waiting, or actually ttc, or even pg! The op's baby must be 1 by now!!!!

rosepresser Fri 08-Aug-14 15:04:59

I am shamefully ressurecting this thread as would love to knowhow everyone is?
Also to say hello and I'm joining the waiting to TTC brigade. I have - wait for it - ten months to wait though...! Anyone else?! June 2015 can't come quick enough!

thundernlightning Mon 17-Mar-14 02:32:17

Oh, congratulations and good luck to you Happygolucky!

I decided to quit my job and strike out on my own and now I'm not sure if we're going to TTC in May or not, and I'm a little too nervous to bring it up, since things are so up in the air right now. I can't believe I'm giving up a steady paycheque and good maternity leave, but I was so miserable at work that I couldn't take it any more. Here's hoping we're still on track...

happygoluckyinOz Thu 16-Jan-14 05:39:54

Thought I'd pop in to update - officially ttc'ing!

Came off the pill a couple of weeks ago and so now we are letting fate decide.

Good luck to all those still waiting, hope it's over for you soon!

lollydollydrop Tue 14-Jan-14 23:57:11

Hi everyone, we are house hunting- the new years resolution was to find and buy a house this year- and began using the withdrawal method instead of condoms before xmas. I think once we buy a house andI am half way through phd we may start to not ttc exactly, but just try shagging! Then if we're not pregnant in a year get serious about it!!

happygoluckyinOz Fri 18-Oct-13 07:55:02

Thought I'd pop back in as it had been a couple of months smile

Still no further forwards on any baby-making plans, have consistently been off the idea for a while now, but have started to ponder the merits again... (to quote DH "So you're back to wanting one this week?" grin)

January 2014 is D-Day for the debt we've accumulated, so should be gone by then and we'll actually have some cash flow. So we are putting the decision on hold until then.

L sounds like you have some tough choices to make. I hope you find out soon what's happening.

KateBeckett Tue 15-Oct-13 13:27:26

Oh Leaf I'm really sorry to hear that. What a twat he is. x

Also.. Hi waves I'm back... still waiting! DP and I were supposed to start trying earlier this year, but I'm still not in a permanent job (and current contract runs out in Jan... eep!) which is what we are waiting for. DP is not doing great on the job front either, though has just strayed into helping a friend who is starting his own business - not paid atm but a prospect for the future doing something he enjoys. Finger crossed!!

I'm currently desperately applying for a (permanent) job for January, and if I get it we will be starting to ttc in early 2014 smile I am feeling so so so broody right now it's insane!

Right, need to catch up on who is on the thread now!! smile

thundernlightning Mon 14-Oct-13 22:57:47

Aw, Leaf, I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out for you.

Autumn, welcome! Your approach sounds like a sort of nice way to do it. Sit back, relax, and see what happens. I wonder if I could convince DH to go that way? (Maybe a little less scary than actually actively trying!)

We're still on track for May 2014 start-trying date, but though we've agreed on it, I don't know if he's really willing. He hasn't said anything about pushing the date back but... Well, we'll see in April, I guess!

AutumnStar Thu 19-Sep-13 20:01:24

Is this thread still going on? I would like to hop on board! Sorry to hear about your troubles, Leaf and L.

I'm basically waiting for OH to be ready to TTC. He's a few years older than me but not keen to let go of a carefree life yet. Having said that, I decided to stop taking the pill recently and he was very blasé about it and doesn't seem keen on 'using' anything else. So who knows what he'd think if we ended up with an unplanned pregnancy.

Leafmould Wed 18-Sep-13 19:25:49

Hi everybody, I was looking after the list back in april! But I am no longer waiting to ttc, as I am now separated from my partner.

He was right to endlessly put me off about ttc dc3, it turned out, our relationship had no future, although I was in denial of this for a long time. I might be going to appear on the dating threads some time in the next year, but am in no hurry.

If anyone else fancies doing the list until I come back in a couple of years time with an amazing new partner, that would be great!

Leafmould Wed 18-Sep-13 19:19:45

L t wife... Thank you for sharing your story on here. Isn't it just impossible to get it right! It sounds like you have achieved so much to allay your oh's worries, but the world keeps chucking more issues in your direction!

However, the fact that you have both already achieved so much to get yourselves into a good position to ttc shows that you are both motivated and able. It is such a massive decision for you to make, to basically turn down a huge career to have a family. However, I'm sure you know which one would be more fulfilling in the long term, and you will find out soon enough if you can't have both.

I do hope you get some good advice from your doctor, and that your oh listens well to you when you see him. Take care


Hibou7688 Wed 18-Sep-13 18:07:16

Oooh didn't know this thread existed! I'm going to ttc around dec/jan 2013/2014 smile

LtheWife Wed 18-Sep-13 17:09:51

Glad to see the waiting threads are still going. I used to post on them when I first joined MN but have avoided the conception board for a while. DH has been working away for the last couple of months and I could really do with venting to people who understand where I'm coming from, hope you don't mind.

A brief backstory. I'm 32, DH is 41 and we are waiting as DH has a severe case of fear of fatherhood. We've spent the last couple of years working on removing the practical barriers that DH felt got in the way of TTC. He left a high pressure job and set up his own business which so far has been very successful, we planned to move out of our tiny 1 bed flat in London and pay off our debt etc.

We moved to a 4 bed house near the coast 6 month ago (we've let our flat out and are renting for now whilst we decide where to buy), we're debt free, all the other barriers have disappeared, so there was just the fear aspect left to deal with. Great!

In the last couple of months everything has changed. DH has found out he's about to lose his biggest contract that made up almost 50% of his income. But on the other hand I've been presented with an amazing opportunity that will end up being life changing financially. I'm talking 6 figure salary within the next 5 years, the potential for a lump sum that will allow us to buy a house outright and the role would be flexible enough to fit around a family. So an opportunity that really is too good to miss. Getting pregnant too soon could cause problems, but for the benefits the job would bring I could cope with delaying TTC.

I went to see my GP recently to discuss my incredibly painful periods. He suspected fibroids or endometriosis and sent me for a scan. No fibroids were found but they did find a cyst on my ovary and other signs that point to endo. It can't be confirmed without surgery but now I'm pretty bloody terrified about the potential affect on my fertility. Talking to my GP, IF it is endo and IF that is the cause of the cyst it would put me in the moderate to severe category. He also said the general advice to women with endo who want a family is to start trying ASAP and that the best chance of falling pregnant is within 12 months of surgery. I know I don't have an actual diagnosis yet and consulting Dr Google is rarely a good idea. But it's got to be said, the fertility stats for moderate to severe endo really don't look good.

It's so frustrating not having DH here to discuss it all with. He knows it might be endo and that it might affect fertility but that is the full extent of his knowledge at the moment. It's just not a conversation we can have during a 10 minute phone all every couple of days. I've no idea how he might react to being told we might need to TTC pretty much straight away and I've always done my best to avoid forcing him to decide he's ready. And if we do need to stop waiting and start trying and I somehow manage to get pregnant fairly quickly I'm really concerned about the effect it will have on my soon to be new job. I really did think we were so close to having everything sorted.

MillicentTendancies Wed 18-Sep-13 14:03:46

Can I join? Waiting till January 2014. Currently in the process of buying a house (so skint) and it wont be built until Feb. Am 28 married and we have no DC.

Hello all and congratulations haddock smile

Leafmould Tue 17-Sep-13 21:39:12

Bump for autumn star

Leafmould Tue 17-Sep-13 21:36:47

Congratulations, haddock ! Wonderful news.... Hope your dp has forgotten all about wanting a September baby!

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Tue 10-Sep-13 18:55:21

Can I join. Have got a 2.5 DD and I'm eagerly awaiting TTC In January. We can't afford 2 in preschool childcare , have got to go to Canada in June to visit IL ( but hopefully will be going up duffed) and wanted to avoid a summer baby. DD was unplanned so have never TTC before. Can't wait

Buddhagirl Tue 10-Sep-13 15:15:02

Me again. DH keeps talking about babies.... He's coming around quick! Friend and her baby visiting on Saturday, hoping that will help.

I think he is going to get more and more annoyed with condoms the more time goes on.... What a shame.

Buddhagirl Sat 07-Sep-13 07:24:30

Congratulations op smile

I can't find that regret thread now :/

Yesterday dh bought me a book on baby-gami, the art of baby wrapping shock and cute.

Haddock73 Fri 06-Sep-13 06:05:21

Hi everyone, I am the op have NC, just popping into say I gave birth to ds2 2 weeks ago smile. Good luck to all the other waiting to concievers!

NeuroticSweetTalk Thu 05-Sep-13 20:38:50

Hi all, is it okay for me to join? smile

I'm 23 and me and my DP have decided to wait to TTC until December this year. I stopped my pill in May and am currently trying to figure out my cycle properly before we get down to actively trying.

I'm so excited to start properly grin

dollydaydream27 Thu 05-Sep-13 10:11:32

Hi hazchem.
I know how you feel about driving yourself crazy wink. What have you decided to do ? Are you going to wait ?
I think the only thing keeping me going is that I haven't got long to wait now grin.

hazchem Sun 25-Aug-13 10:38:45

I'm hoping it's ok to join. I'm driving myself crazy as I;m really really really keen to start trying for a second baby.
I turned 34 recently and while I didn't have any issues with conception first time round there is a bit of a history of problems in my family so I worry.
OH wants more babies ( another 2 or 3!) but wants to wait because we are not in a great financial position. DH is working I'm a stay home mum/part time student. We are renting.
I just want to start now and see what happens.

pommedechocolat Wed 21-Aug-13 13:15:02

I love having children but you've got to accept the mum you are (took me a while). Now I have accepted that I am a mum that has to do some work to stay sane, thinks nursery is great, is not over bothered about bf, loves chatting to her kids and giving her kids new experiences but finds playing with plastic squeaky things worse than cleaning the plughole I'm grand smile

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