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Waiting to ttc.... 2nd slightly pointless thread!

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Leafmould Tue 30-Apr-13 19:45:21

Loveyouforevermybaby  , OP, due August.
Winterpansy , due beginning January
Possibly some more, including Bridget and the hairy brigands , but we need people to report back with these details!

Zen nudist age 34 ttc #2 April/may?
caramal ttc#2 hopefully April.
orbis non sufficit age 35 ttc#1 April 
horseygirl1  ttc#2
moominlike age 32 ttc#1
Frizz1986 ttc#1
MrsHuxtable , age 29, ttc#2 April
Maybe again ttc#3
Fairy pants ttc#3 
Johnand kymberley ttc#1 

definately sometime age 30 ttc#1 May.
toomuchlaptop age 36 ttc#2
kate Beckett ttc#1
Suddenly squeamish  ttc#1 after house move.
Miss calamity , age 33 ttc#2 when oh ready.

In a few months/later in the year
sorelip ttc#2
Ginger and cocoa , ttc#1 when dh ready
Pizza queen ttc#2 when dp ready

popsicle1984 age 28 ttc#1

painted cat age 22 ttc #1
iwish age 27 ttc#2

part1 ttc#2 
Tranquilitybaby ttc#2 on hols in Mexico!

Porridge with almond milk

twojackrussellsandababy ttc#2
Jetblack61 ttc#1 after hols in Australia, age 28
Don't squeeze the tea bag  ttc#1 after a wedding and a new bathroom.
Alohomora , age 31 ttc1 after wedding party in June and in time for summer baby!
Visualise a horse , ttc#2 when dc1 is 18 months

November 2013
waiting 2wait2wait

December 2013

Mid 2014

September2014 (or2015)
madamelebean ttc #2

End 2014

June 2015

Indefinite or vague
witchesbrew&biscuits ttc#2
lindamagoo 41 ttc #3
Happygolucky in oz age 29 ttc#1 when partner back in work.
leafmould age 35 ttc#3 when partner ready.....

dollydaydream27 Sun 11-Aug-13 21:36:52

Oh wow congratulations op ! Nearly there !! smile . I can't wait now October can't come soon enough ! My dp has wanted kids for a long time now I'm the one that has pushed for the last 'fling' to America wink . Iv been broody since a little girl but have been waiting for the 'right time '. We currently rent a lovely place but are hoping to get on the property ladder when we get back from America so it could be a bit of a life changing year for us ! Part of me wants to wait until we get our house but who knows how long getting pregnant could take . I think we would always find something to wait until after. We want it so much just can't wait any longer !!

happygoluckyinOz Mon 12-Aug-13 09:58:35

Well, I went and did a u-turn last week! After declaring myself pill-less and saying December is the month to ttc I went back on the pill on Thursday last week. After yet more child-based discussions with the DH (and the fact sex life fell off a cliff due to me not taking the pill anymore) we decided that we just didn’t know if December was going to be the right time for us and the pressure of not taking the pill was too much. So I went back on the pill and we will review again in December. If then is the right them I’ll come off and we’ll try straight away, if it takes a while so be it. If we decided to wait a bit longer then I’ll just stay on the pill until we decide it’s right.

We do keep adding things to the list of what we want to achieve before children - that's the problem. Buying a house that needed work doing to it for one - I just don't want children and then have to sit in a half finished house with hardly any furniture because we can't afford to finish it.

I’m aware we might be waiting for ages still, but today, I’m ok with it. Ask me in another week or so and I’ll probably be freaking again! grin

pommedechocolat Mon 12-Aug-13 13:34:54

Houses you dont mind being destroyed by rampagaing toddlers are not actually a bad thing Happy. We brought our house as dd1 came along and it needs lots of cosmetic things doing (but perfectly liveable) but we havent bothered and have not been worried about inevitable child damage to carpets/walls etc.

I wouldn't recommend having kids in a perfect house smile

You can still hang out on here though even with no deadline!

Congrats OP - good luck!

dollydaydream27 Wed 14-Aug-13 21:22:27

Hi everyone
Just fancied some opinions really !! Feel a bit deflated ! Looking forward to ttc in oct been with dp for 5 years and have a fab relationship smile , we both are desperate for kids and both 27 yrs old but wanted to wait til after our hol to try. We aren't married but have talked about it and from what dp has hinted I think we will be engaged by end if the yr grin. We rent but hope to buy next year also (busy year) .
I am not religious but would like to be married I feel like I might be judged for not being married before we have kids starting to think should we just wait until next year buy our house and get married first and then try ? hmm

pommedechocolat Wed 14-Aug-13 22:02:53

Hi dolly. I ttc before getting engaged and was 20 weeks pg before he proposed!

We just decided to go for ttc as you never know how long it will take.

We got married when dd1 was 14 months and she was a very cute bridesmaid!

I'm quite proud of it in a way now as my friends have had to wait ages for their dc1 by doing it the 'proper' way and I'd got dd2 in before many of their weddings...! Some people's reaction to announcing my pg and then engagement was a bit annoying but ultimately their issue not mine.

I'm not religious so that wasn't an issue.

dollydaydream27 Mon 19-Aug-13 10:40:27

Thanks for your reply smile . Was just having a bit of a wobble . If we waited to get married and buy our house it would be around two years hmm and we are both desperately broody now . .. Financially stable and our relationship is stable . So I think we are just going to go for it in October because its what we both desperately want and you never know what life is going to throw at you .

Newlywed2013 Mon 19-Aug-13 14:09:28

I am new to mumsnet!
I am at the frustrated point where me and new hubby are ready to start trying, but my implant can't be located in my arm so now I'm not sure when we will be able to actively start trying!
I have had loads of issues wit implant as well which has caused it to be too painful to have sexing loss of drive!
It could be a long wait as I have a really bad feeling about this!

happygoluckyinOz Tue 20-Aug-13 08:53:47

Pomme – you’re probably right about kids wrecking things, but I’d like to at least start on the house. It needs a new kitchen and bathroom and new flooring, nothing has been done to it since it was built in 1987 and the kitchen sends shudders down my spine every-time I look at it!

Dolly – it’s really up to you and whether you are happy to put off the house and the wedding. For me, I wanted to do it in order (no idea why but that was just my ‘ideal’) and tbh I’m yet to convince DH that we are ready for children, so I think I’d be climbing the walls by now had we not got married already (been together 10 years)!

Newly – I hope you get the implant out soon! Sounds like a nightmare really, at least you’ve got over the biggest hurdle, which seems to be getting both parties in the relationship to agree to try, so hopefully now once you’ve located the stray implant it will be plain sailing!

Well it’s like the gods are trying to tell me to wait…. There’s an election coming up in 3 weeks’ time in Australia. I’ve not really been paying attention as I can’t vote and both contenders seems as bad as each other (don’t they always). On Sunday one of them announced they ‘key campaign’ which is to grant working women/parents 26 weeks paid maternity leave – at their FULL salary! Currently it is 18 weeks on minimum wage, so for someone like me this means that we wouldn’t have to financially scrape by to have a baby (as me going down to min wage as the main earner would be very, very hard). Employers over here don’t give anything at all – unlike in the UK where they usually give you something, even if it’s for 6 weeks. So, he’s not won it yet and it won’t come into effect until 1 July 2015 – but it might just be the excuse we have been looking for to postpone things!

Buddhagirl Tue 20-Aug-13 13:22:22

Dolly, 48% of babies were born last year to unmarried mothers in the UK. It's the norm now I reckon.

Happygolucky, if your looking for an excuse.... Then wait a bit praps. There is never a right time they say but there is wrong times and if your not ready that's totally fine. It would be shit to regret it.

Did anyone read the "what do you regret about having kids" thread? It scared me to realise some people are obsessed with becoming a mother.... Then they regret it. Scary.

My update;
Still off hormonal contraception, DH getting more and more annoyed with condoms (what a terrible shame wink. He so nearly did not use one last time and afterwards said "I can't wait til we move into our new place so we can stop using these" SCORE.
Offer on house accepted, now sorting out mortgage, etc. fingers crossed

happygoluckyinOz Tue 20-Aug-13 13:49:57

Budda that's great news about DH! Mine was the same but we went backwards rather than forwards lol!

Great news about the house too, hope everything goes smoothly. smile

I wish I had a crystal ball, there's always going to be a reason "why not". Someone actually said to me at the weekend they wished they didn't want children, life would be so much easier & they'd have a great life with more freedom & money - but deep down they knew they wanted to be a mother.... I feel a bit like that at the moment!

happygoluckyinOz Tue 20-Aug-13 13:55:36

Where is that regret thread Budda? I've done a search but nothing's coming up.

CinnamonSummer Tue 20-Aug-13 19:48:41

Hi ladies! Had to breathe a sigh of relief at this thread - we've decided to ttc #2 from December 2014, and I'm counting down the months! Simply cannot wait! We have decides to wait until then in the hope that, since we have only just moved in together after being together for a number of years, our finances would be more stable, and also various reasons connected to my job.

The only thing that worries me is that I'll be 30 then, almost 31, and I'm terrified that I'm leaving it too late, as we'd like number 3 in the future. My fears are probably completely irrational!

Glad to meet all you ladies, and good luck who are ttc sooner rather than later! x

dollydaydream27 Wed 21-Aug-13 12:15:36

Thanks for your reply's. Marriage has never been a big thing to me until about the last year of our relationship (both parents divorced twice) . But I know how much my dp wants children as do I so I think it would be a shame to rush a wedding just for that point , when we could wait and have what we wanted. Also we don't know how long it may take us to concieve anyway?
I have read the aibu to regret having children thread too shock. I hope everyone doesn't feel that way.

dollydaydream27 Wed 21-Aug-13 12:17:22

Hi cinnamonsummer , I know how you feel counting down the days . I am counting down the days until October . 2 more periods to go. Also started taking folic acid so feels like I'm doing something.

pommedechocolat Wed 21-Aug-13 13:15:02

I love having children but you've got to accept the mum you are (took me a while). Now I have accepted that I am a mum that has to do some work to stay sane, thinks nursery is great, is not over bothered about bf, loves chatting to her kids and giving her kids new experiences but finds playing with plastic squeaky things worse than cleaning the plughole I'm grand smile

hazchem Sun 25-Aug-13 10:38:45

I'm hoping it's ok to join. I'm driving myself crazy as I;m really really really keen to start trying for a second baby.
I turned 34 recently and while I didn't have any issues with conception first time round there is a bit of a history of problems in my family so I worry.
OH wants more babies ( another 2 or 3!) but wants to wait because we are not in a great financial position. DH is working I'm a stay home mum/part time student. We are renting.
I just want to start now and see what happens.

dollydaydream27 Thu 05-Sep-13 10:11:32

Hi hazchem.
I know how you feel about driving yourself crazy wink. What have you decided to do ? Are you going to wait ?
I think the only thing keeping me going is that I haven't got long to wait now grin.

NeuroticSweetTalk Thu 05-Sep-13 20:38:50

Hi all, is it okay for me to join? smile

I'm 23 and me and my DP have decided to wait to TTC until December this year. I stopped my pill in May and am currently trying to figure out my cycle properly before we get down to actively trying.

I'm so excited to start properly grin

Haddock73 Fri 06-Sep-13 06:05:21

Hi everyone, I am the op have NC, just popping into say I gave birth to ds2 2 weeks ago smile. Good luck to all the other waiting to concievers!

Buddhagirl Sat 07-Sep-13 07:24:30

Congratulations op smile

I can't find that regret thread now :/

Yesterday dh bought me a book on baby-gami, the art of baby wrapping shock and cute.

Buddhagirl Tue 10-Sep-13 15:15:02

Me again. DH keeps talking about babies.... He's coming around quick! Friend and her baby visiting on Saturday, hoping that will help.

I think he is going to get more and more annoyed with condoms the more time goes on.... What a shame.

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Tue 10-Sep-13 18:55:21

Can I join. Have got a 2.5 DD and I'm eagerly awaiting TTC In January. We can't afford 2 in preschool childcare , have got to go to Canada in June to visit IL ( but hopefully will be going up duffed) and wanted to avoid a summer baby. DD was unplanned so have never TTC before. Can't wait

Leafmould Tue 17-Sep-13 21:36:47

Congratulations, haddock ! Wonderful news.... Hope your dp has forgotten all about wanting a September baby!

Leafmould Tue 17-Sep-13 21:39:12

Bump for autumn star

MillicentTendancies Wed 18-Sep-13 14:03:46

Can I join? Waiting till January 2014. Currently in the process of buying a house (so skint) and it wont be built until Feb. Am 28 married and we have no DC.

Hello all and congratulations haddock smile

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