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Waiting to ttc.... 2nd slightly pointless thread!

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Leafmould Tue 30-Apr-13 19:45:21

Loveyouforevermybaby  , OP, due August.
Winterpansy , due beginning January
Possibly some more, including Bridget and the hairy brigands , but we need people to report back with these details!

Zen nudist age 34 ttc #2 April/may?
caramal ttc#2 hopefully April.
orbis non sufficit age 35 ttc#1 April 
horseygirl1  ttc#2
moominlike age 32 ttc#1
Frizz1986 ttc#1
MrsHuxtable , age 29, ttc#2 April
Maybe again ttc#3
Fairy pants ttc#3 
Johnand kymberley ttc#1 

definately sometime age 30 ttc#1 May.
toomuchlaptop age 36 ttc#2
kate Beckett ttc#1
Suddenly squeamish  ttc#1 after house move.
Miss calamity , age 33 ttc#2 when oh ready.

In a few months/later in the year
sorelip ttc#2
Ginger and cocoa , ttc#1 when dh ready
Pizza queen ttc#2 when dp ready

popsicle1984 age 28 ttc#1

painted cat age 22 ttc #1
iwish age 27 ttc#2

part1 ttc#2 
Tranquilitybaby ttc#2 on hols in Mexico!

Porridge with almond milk

twojackrussellsandababy ttc#2
Jetblack61 ttc#1 after hols in Australia, age 28
Don't squeeze the tea bag  ttc#1 after a wedding and a new bathroom.
Alohomora , age 31 ttc1 after wedding party in June and in time for summer baby!
Visualise a horse , ttc#2 when dc1 is 18 months

November 2013
waiting 2wait2wait

December 2013

Mid 2014

September2014 (or2015)
madamelebean ttc #2

End 2014

June 2015

Indefinite or vague
witchesbrew&biscuits ttc#2
lindamagoo 41 ttc #3
Happygolucky in oz age 29 ttc#1 when partner back in work.
leafmould age 35 ttc#3 when partner ready.....

Nottalotta Fri 19-Jul-13 18:59:39

Hello again all. Well, i posted a few pages ago about having come off depo and waiting for sent me for initial blood tests for hormone levels - all fine. Got first af last Thursday!! First period after 7 - 8 yrs on depo. So, crack on you might think but no, Dh gave up his job last month with no new one. Very frustrating as i am 36 in august and no children as yet.

We need to have the conversation as up til now we have not used protection but obviously with the return of af i could potentially get up duffed.

gwenabee85 Fri 19-Jul-13 19:57:51

Happygolucky, stop now! It's just taken me 7 months to get first af after 9 years!

happygoluckyinOz Mon 22-Jul-13 08:58:33

Ok so today is my first day not taking a pill shock
Had my week "off" and withdrawal bleed so today is the day I should have started a new pack.

DH is in denial, but he's going along with it. Looked horrified at the weekend when I was putting the condoms in the shopping trolly! grin To be honest I'm I but squeamish with them as well. We've never had to use them before in the 10 years we've been together!

So just need to be extra careful for the next 4 months! smile

Nottalotta Mon 22-Jul-13 13:34:26

Well we dtd Sunday a.m. Which would be day 11 of my cycle. Not in a premeditated way, just happened. Although it might just happen tomorrow aswell. :-)

Buddhagirl Tue 23-Jul-13 11:03:59

Hi everyone,

Yay to people coming off contraception.

happygolucky Ha ha horrified at condoms, thats funny. In terms of how long to come off before ttc, I spoke to my GP about it and she said periods can take up to 9 months to return to normal! So depends on how long you want to use condoms for i suppose. I know after depo it can take 2 years (took me 1.5 years).

I would not be happy to leave it right to the last min as it will probobly take 1-2 cycles min to regulate and start ovulating again atc.

DH and I are still hashing out a start date, but good news he is 100% ok with me not going back on the patch. Yay! good first step. I'm currently experiencing ovulation pain which is making me extremely happy LOL. As soon as we move in to our new house, as soon as we move into our new house. Come on NatWest, give us a mortgage.

That NatWest advert gets me everytime "Then the bank gave mummy and daddy money to buy there own they could have me" que tears from Buddhagirl <rolls eyes>

Nottalotta Excellent news about dtd without contraception. Could be BFP soon smile

Alohomora Tue 23-Jul-13 11:42:16

I should pop back in and confess that after a few months of pure stress and running around like headless chickens (hence no posting here!) we're back from honeymoon, looking forward to things calming down have decided to just get on with ttc - it's unlikely to happen straight away anyway, and this way we get some nice relaxed practice runs in before things get serious! Hey, it's only 2 months early, anyway.

happygolucky I understand him a bit, I'm not fond of the things - it's not the fiddlyness, it's the smell, and the fact that you have to be pretty quickish afterwards - hems in my afterglow, not happy. But other than that dtd is still fantastic with condoms, so tell your fella not to worry!

gwenabee85 Tue 23-Jul-13 13:26:46

Happygolucky, we're almost ttc buddies, we're starting late Dec/early Jan, I can't wait, it's driving me mad! And I've just finished my first real af in over 9 years, so we are also now going back to condoms :/

Alohomora, yay! I'm trying to convince dh we should just start now but no luck so far..

Buddhagirl - good luck!

Buddhagirl Tue 23-Jul-13 22:29:26

Just noticed my horrendous spelling.

We could even make a "condom thread, pointless thread version 2".

Happygolucky and gwenabee, I may well be joining you in dec/Jan. Is it just me or is that ages away!?

happygoluckyinOz Wed 24-Jul-13 03:00:12

Yay having a ttc buddies! buddhagirl yes it does seem like a lifetime away, especially now I've stopped taking the pill! Feels like we should be getting on with it now, but I know in my head it's not the right time just yet although if we had a happy accident I'm sure we'd be alright. DH always said he wanted to buy a house (did that in Feb) and get a permanent job (started on Monday) so I do feel like we've met his criteria!! Although I can see his point about clearing the credit card ($10k) and getting air conditioning installed - no-one wants a summer in Perth with no air con believe me!!

Never really even thought about how long it would take to get back to normal after contraception, just presumed that it would all fall back into place straight away hmm It was one of the reasons I came off the depo - as they said it could take up to a year, but I stopped that around 2007 so I'm hoping that's all gone now and it's just stopping the pill to contend with. I never thought I'd be nervously waiting the arrival of AF that's for sure! smile

I just hope we catch on when we want, the couple of people who've had children around me dropped on first time lucky, so I hope I can pick up some of that luck!

Aloho here's hoping you get a nice surprise sometime soon!

Buddhagirl Wed 24-Jul-13 07:43:19

Pregnant in Perth with no aircon, yikes!

I have an unhelpful 6 months in my head, if it doesn't happen after 6 months of ttc then I'll be getting worried. Can't imagine it happening 1st time!

Glad you also think it is a lifetime away, logically it is not though, be Xmas before we know it. Folic acid in sept /Oct?

happygoluckyinOz Wed 24-Jul-13 07:48:46

Yeah, wouldn't be pleasant! We bought the house in Feb at the tail end of Summer and it was bleeding hot!! Almost caved and bought a portable one, but persisted with it until it cooled down as we knew we'd get a ducted system installed before the hot weather comes back. It's also a factor in planning when to ttc, I didn't want to be heavily pregnant throughout Jan/Feb/Mar which are the hottest months. Figured having a baby in Sept/Oct/Nov would be perfect as I'd get the summer off work! grin

I've started on the folic acid already, decided to just switch to taking that pill instead of my contraceptive one - then if we do have an 'accident' I'd be covered! smile

Nottalotta Wed 24-Jul-13 10:17:13

happygoluckyinoz how long for your cycle to get back to normal after coming off depo? Or did you go straight onto the pill? My last jab was sept and just had a period this month. So unsure when i will get another!

happygoluckyinOz Wed 24-Jul-13 11:19:29

I went straight on the patch and the straight on the pill, haven't had a normal cycle in 15 years so will be interesting to see how long it takes! shock

Buddhagirl Wed 24-Jul-13 13:41:15

wtf, AF today sad so that was a 14 day cycle! It so felt like ovulation pain yesterday but could not have been as AF today. I'm cross now. 14 cycle is crazy short.

Buddhagirl Wed 24-Jul-13 14:44:59

Just googling cycles after coming off contraception, found something that may be of interest:

•How long will it take my cycle to regulate after discontinuing the pill?
•Will previous pill use impact my future fertility?
•How long will it take me to get pregnant after discontinuing the pill?

Surprisingly, there are few recent scientific studies responding to these questions. One relevant comprehensive recent study, however, is that by Dr. C. Gnoth and his colleagues at the University of Dusseldorf in Germany. In an article titled "Cycle characteristics after discontinuation of oral contraceptives," published in the journal Gynecological Endocrinology in 2002, Gnoth and his colleagues compared the cycle characteristics of women who had recently stopped taking the pill with those who had never used oral contraceptives. The cycle characteristics were determined using basal body temperature (BBT) charts.

Relevant Findings

•57.9% of all first cycles after discontinuing oral contraceptives were ovulatory (identified with BBT shift) with sufficient luteal phases (greater than 10 days).

•10.24% of all first cycles after discontinuing oral contraceptives were not ovulatory (compared with 3.44% of control group). Significant differences also appeared in the second and third cycles after discontinuing oral contraceptives.

•Cycles were longer in the post-pill group up to cycle number 12.

•Cycle disturbances (defined as a luteal phase length of less than 10 days or a cycle length greater than 35 days) were more frequent in the post-pill group until the seventh cycle.

•Cycle disturbances after discontinuing oral contraceptives were reversible but regulation took up to nine months or longer.

happygoluckyinOz Wed 24-Jul-13 14:58:38

Interesting. So going with 9 months before back to normal then, guess that fits with DH wanting to try after April next year, looks like he may get his way wink

gwenabee85 Wed 24-Jul-13 17:36:36

I've started taking a pre-pregnancy multi vit which has folic acid in it, figured it can't do any harm! (did scare dh a bit when he saw the first pack though grin)

Buddhagirl - 14 day cycle?! When did you stop contraception?

Buddhagirl Wed 24-Jul-13 22:20:53

This is the 3rd month off sigh

happygoluckyinOz Thu 25-Jul-13 02:14:19

Ah 14 day cycle is poo Buddha, but does this at least mean you're ovulating?!

DH and I dtd with the condoms last night, took me a while to convince him to get undressed (this boy is very paranoid now I'm not taking the pill!!!) as he thinks it's all very 'scary' now we aren't 'protected' hmm

Don't think they'll be any accidents that's for sure, he's being ultra careful for the both of us grin

Buddhagirl Thu 25-Jul-13 08:04:53

Ah he will come round, it's good for you both to share the responsibility of contraception.

I assumed I'm not ovulating! As I didn't think you could ovulate a day before your period. Clearly I need to wait much longer for cycles to settle down.

gwenabee85 Thu 25-Jul-13 13:18:52

It's rubbish isn't it Buddha?! Are you bbt temping?

BananaRaces Thu 25-Jul-13 14:52:57

I had to come off the pill about 2 years ago after trying about 7 different ones - came to the conclusion that they just don't agree with me! I had everything from migraines to rashes with them...and such a low sex drive it was ludicrous! It did take a few months of weird cycles for everything to settle down.

I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of condoms (don't like the feel etc) but I can recommend the Durex "Pleasuremax" ones... they've got ribs and dots and stuff blush... even with those ones though I can't wait until this time next year when me and DH can stop using them!!

pommedechocolat Fri 26-Jul-13 11:48:53

Can I tentatively join?

Have 2 dds - 3.4 and 17 months and a termination under my belt in the last few years.

Thinking of number 3. Starting some time in 2014. Scared shitless about going back to the baby stage but love the idea of 3 older children. Would like a son but think the idea of a gaggle of girls is very cute too.

Love my career though....

Dh unsure, depends when you talk to him.

Buddhagirl Sun 28-Jul-13 09:04:42

I'm not the sort of person who can bbt temp everyday, I'd just forget. I'd rather buy a cbfm. Plus dh would be like what are you doing?

Pommedechocolat, join join!

Refoca Sun 28-Jul-13 09:55:58

Hi, another newbie here! We thought we'd be ttc already, but not quite in the right headspace...figured if I joined a forum it might get me all excited about another lo (ds is 4), so here I am!

Maybe October, but if I get broody sooner there's no reason not to start ttc a little earlier...

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