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Am I pregnant - if not, what's happening....?

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Iona1651 Tue 30-Apr-13 10:09:48

Last year I had pains in my left side. Had a positive pregnancy test. Ended up in hospital with a suspected ectopic. Turned out to be a cyst on my ovary. Periods were all over the place after that. Now settled down a bit. Missed one period in Aug last year and had terrible pain - ended up just on a sunlounger and didn't move. Periods regular after that. Just missed my period this week and had quite severe pain in both left and right sides (probably my ovaries going mad) but test this morning shows negative. Waiting for gyno for a scan on my ovaries and after that a laproscopy and tubes testing. No idea why I've missed this time. I feel like I'm going mad. Can anyone offer any ideas/help on this please?

babyrose Tue 30-Apr-13 18:07:08

When was ure af due?

Iona1651 Wed 01-May-13 09:52:03

26 April. Last one was 4 April and I'm about 21 to 24 day cycle. Still no show of AF today. Stomach swollen and pains quite bad when the comes in the ovary area. Hopefully going for a scan Tue/Wed next week. I so wanted to give my OH good news for his birthday on Mon sad

babyrose Wed 01-May-13 10:43:02

I would keep testing every few days especially with what's happened before. Are u booked in for a scan?

Maybe you will get good news on Mon, keep us posted x

guessbaby01 Wed 01-May-13 11:54:46

Hello, I have also been trying to concieve for over a year and it seems like the hardest thing. I have a kid who is 3yrs from a previous relationship. I and my partner have gone for test but the doctors found nothin wrong wit me , while my partner was said to have low count and motility during the first test but by the 3rd test which was 6months later, he had greatly improved. This month we have tried as usually during the ovulation period as I COUNT IT REGULARLY (my cycle is 26 days). From day 14 i started feeling feverish every morning and evening, especially evenings and my temperature rises a little, my period is due on the 3rd of april. is it possible that i am now pregnant. I am afraid of doing a test and getting a -ve result. whats ur advice?

Iona1651 Fri 03-May-13 09:57:33

Hi. Did another test Wednesday morning - still no AF. Felt really low and ended up in tears at work and not eating properly - lowest I've been for a long time. So it looks like no good news for OH on his birthday on Monday. Hopefully scan on Tues/Wed next week after chasing the clinic for an appointment - the pain has been really bad this week and I'm fed up of it now and not knowing what's wrong. Thanks Babyrose for your comment - I hope you are well? xx

Iona1651 Fri 03-May-13 09:59:37

Guessbaby01 - I think I'd do a test if it was 3rd April - that's a month ago now - if negative then maybe a visit to your GP? Fingers crossed for you.x

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