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Cycle length on clomid?

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maybemyrtle Mon 29-Apr-13 19:34:34

I'm on first cycle of clomid after finding out I wasn't ovulating. I had been having periods on a 29-31 day cycle. Just found out from the day 21 bloods that the clomid worked grin

I wasn't charting/using OPKs but based on the CD12 scan and CM, I think I ovulated on CD15. So, DP and I are working on the basis that I'm not pregnant and trying to sort our work diaries for next month - we both travel a fair bit.

So my question is, if I ovulated on CD15 this month, how likely is it that I'll ovulate on CD15 next month too? Does it work like that? I've read about people's cycles getting longer on clomid...? I'm taking it days 2-6 if that makes a difference.

EuroShaggleton Mon 29-Apr-13 19:43:23

If they keep you on the same dose, the ov date should be similar, but there are no guarantees!

maybemyrtle Mon 29-Apr-13 19:50:03

Thank you!! thanks

Same dose next month (but no monitoring!) so fingers crossed smile

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