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Conceiving with fibroids

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MilesFlora Mon 29-Apr-13 12:08:52

Just wondering if there are any of you out there who have gone on to have successful pregnancies even though you have fibroids.

I have a DD (2.7) and am now 7 months ttc No.2. I have just had an early mc (5weeks) and I had a chemical pg about 3 months ago. When I was pg with DD it showed up on my scans that I had 1 fibroid of about 4 cm and I think I might have another one too.

So just wondering if anyone has been in the same boat? Thanks a million.

rabbitonthemoon Mon 29-Apr-13 17:08:13

Hi Miles. Thought I'd come and say hello as I have a lot of knowledge about fibroids and MN was a bit quiet on that front when I had a suspected one. Mine either resolved or was a cyst (but that is a whole other story) and I'm still ttc but we have other factors getting in the way. Anyway, when I was originally diagnosed with a large fibroid after a year of ttc I researched it heavily. There is an excellent support group on Fertility friends. I'm not sure how helpful it will be for me to say that the jury appears to be out on how and if fibroids affect conception. It depends on the type of fibroid and location, which you don't specify. There are many tales of women who only find out they have a fibroid during pregnancy scans but there are other camps that think they can affect implantation if they are inside the womb or of a significant size, but even this isn't a given. Have you been given any advice on what to do? Ask away of you have any qs.

brettgirl2 Mon 29-Apr-13 18:21:39

I am someone who only found out on pg scan with dd2. It took me 7 months to get preg with her, much slower than dd1 so who knows? She'd implanted the other side and it was 'only' one of the outside ones. Its hard to say if they affect conception as they are pretty damn rare in 25 year olds.....

fanjodisfunction Mon 29-Apr-13 18:43:28

I have fibroids, I have two that are near 3cm each and then I have multiple small ones dotted around my uterus. They are all in the wall of the womb, these ones are thought to be ones that don't effect fertility. I have been told though that they can make it harder to conceive as the womb lining is thicker due to it being very bumpy.

I am on my fourth pregnacy, my first pregnancy even though it ended in stillbirth was succesful as in my daughter died of a cord accident, nothing to do with the fibroids. Though the fibroids did grow very large during pregnancy. I then had two early miscarriages and I'm currently 13 weeks pg.

I have been ttc-ing since 2009, so I do think fibroids have made a difference, I was told they are linked to being over weight, so each time I fell pg I had lost up to a stone. (Then put it on again through pg and stress!)

Have you been to the GP's to get the fibroids mapped? Are your periods very heavy?

MilesFlora Tue 30-Apr-13 10:09:26

Rabbit, bret and fanjo, thank you for replies.

I don't know exactly where fibroid is – but presume the 4cm one might not be a fertility issue as I conceived DD with it. The lady doing the 9w scan also did say that it was nothing to worry about so I presume it was an 'outside' one. I do have a recollection of a scan later into that pg where a doctor commented on a 2nd fibroid? I can't remember! I must get onto hospital and see if I can get my hands on that info.

In general my periods are regular and of 'normal' flow – and I get cramps but not terribly bad ones – most months I wouldn't even have to take a paracetamol.

Thanks also for tip on fertilityfriends – I do my temping on that anyway so will have a look.

It is comforting to know that many women can get pg with fibroids – I suppose I'm feeling pessimistic due to mc.

Firsttimer7259 Thu 02-May-13 10:26:51

I have lots of fibroids including several large ones. I knew about them since I was 29, conceived without any issues at 34. They got big in preg and I had to have an elective c section as one was blocking the babies exit. If I got preg again I would have another planned c-section as the many fibroids make an emergency c-section very risky as they hemorrhage easily. They can affect fertility etc but looks like you have conceived with them so thats encouraging. Its pretty normal for them to find more/different ones every time they scan. Its hard to say anthing specific about how fibroids affect fertility and pregnancy as they are so variable in size, location and how they react in preg. A large portortion of women have a few fibroids and tend not to notice them

MilesFlora Sat 04-May-13 09:18:08

Firsttimer, that's very encouraging. I think last week I was so deflated after MC that I began to get really paranoid about fibroids being a possible cause. But I did conceive DD with one already, so I hope I'll be able to get pg again. Just have to be patient!

JBrd Sat 04-May-13 16:04:24

They found a fibroid in my uterus when I was pg with DS, during the first scan. It is huge - 10cm!

My first conception and pregnancy was without any complications, but I've had 2 mc since the beginning of this year. Each time I have been scanned, the first thing the sonographers have said was 'That's a big fibroid!'
But everyone one of them has reassured me that it will have no impact on falling or staying pg due to its position. I'm inclined to believe them, and that it has nothing to do with my mc. But I can understand that you worry about it after your mc, MilesFlora, I did the same - it would almost be easier to have something to blame the mcs on...

MilesFlora Sun 05-May-13 18:38:17

Wow JBrd, that is an impressive fibroid!

Good to know the sonographers have reassured you about it.

Sorry to hear about your MCs - what can we do but keep trying.

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