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3 days past FET - symptom spotting already?

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YoniMitchell Mon 29-Apr-13 11:59:38

Hi there, I had a dual FET on Friday (one 5-day blast, one 6-dayer, both looked good and 'grew' post thaw smile). On Saturday I felt the odd twinge, then a couple more yesterday and a bit of a 'heavy' feeling this morning.

Yesterday a lot of wind kicked-in blush (including a pretty loud parp on the tube this morning blush blush blush) and I've been feeling quite light-headed today and mildly sicky (despite eating a good breakfast).

Am I being silly for treating these as positives? Not sure then the drug symptoms end and pg signs begin (I'm on cyclogest which can cause bloating and a bit of wind and oestrogen patches and tablets, although I've not felt too many side effects from these over the last 3/4 weeks).

Any similar experiences to share?

Testing next Tuesday so I'm wondering if these are in my head / it's too early to spot symptoms.

keepitgoing Tue 30-Apr-13 11:13:29

Hi, I think it's really hard to tell. But I only got wind about 12 days post egg collection, and got my bfp on day 14, so it could be a good sign. I also had twinges in the few days after day 5 ET. You're about when it'd have implanted, so I guess you could have symptoms, but it's anyone's guess really.

Good luck! The waiting is vv tough.

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